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tcd.vim : Tab-specific directories

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created by
Thomas Allen
script type
Tab-specific directories
For Vim version 7.x

Tcd lets you set a working directory for a specific tab. Great if you've
got a session open and are editing some file in another location on the
filesystem, and decide you need to open more files in that directory.
This plugin works particularly well in combination with NERD_Tree.vim

Global Commands

:Tcd <dir>

Changes the current working directory, but only in your current tab.
When you enter this tab, the specified path will become your current
working directory. Saves the real current working directory, so when you
exit this tab, you will return to your prior location.

Known Issues

  1. The "old cwd" (the one you switch to when leaving the tab in which you
     called :Tcd) is set the first time you call :Tcd. This means that if
     change your working directory later with the built-in :cd command, this
     new location will be ignored when leaving :Tcd tabs.

     Workaround: Don't use :cd if you are still using :Tcd tabs. Instead,
     call :Tcd in other tabs. I don't expect there to be a real fix for this
     unless Vim adds some autocommand that is run whenever the current
     working directory changes.


tcd.vim is released under the MIT license. See the comments at the head of
tcd.vim for the full license text, or the "COPYING" file you should have
received with your copy of this software.
install details
1. Download tcd.zip
2. Unzip tcd.zip
3. Copy plugin/tcd.vim and doc/tcd.txt to your .vim or _vim's respective plugin, doc directories.
4. Run :helptags on your doc directory, as with other Vim script packages.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
tcd.zip 1.0.1 2015-06-16 7.0 Thomas Allen Fix bad global function definition.
tcd.zip 1.0 2013-02-12 7.0 Thomas Allen Initial upload
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