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Git Support : Inspect the state of a repository and execute Git commands without leaving Vim.

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Wolfgang Mehner
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Integration of Git for Vim/gVim:
- use Git from within Vim and eliminate the need for context switches
- quickly add the file in the current buffer or show its diff
- the output of commands like "git status" is redirected into buffers
- ... the commit can be manipulated from right there
- show the stash, logs, branches, tags, remotes, ...
- show the Git help in a buffer, or open it in the browser
- each buffer comes with a short help: press <SHIFT+F1>

- comes with a menu, which also serves as an overview of the plug-in's functionality
- custom menu for often used combination of arguments
- configurable syntax highlighting designed to match Git's own highlighting
- automatic folds for diffs and logs

Some screen shots :  https://wolfgangmehner.github.io/vim-plugins/gitsupport.html

For plug-in managers :  https://github.com/WolfgangMehner/git-support

The help file online :  https://wolfgangmehner.github.io/vim-plugins/doc/gitsupport.html

This plug-in comes with a help file (gitsupport.txt). Read it with

    :help git-support

Git Support is on GitHub. We are happy to receive your questions, suggestions, and bug reports here:

install details
Copy the zip archive git-support.zip to $HOME/.vim/ (Linux/Unix) or
$HOME/vimfiles (Windows) and run:
    unzip git-support.zip

Redo the helptags (Linux/Windows):
    :helptags $HOME/.vim/doc/
    :helptags $HOME\vimfiles\doc\

Windows: Set the correct executable. See git-support/README.gitsupport or:
    :help g:Git_Executable
(the default is "C:\Program Files\Git\bin\git.exe")

Consider configuring the syntax highlighting. By default, the syntax highlighting
uses Vim's own syntax categories. See git-support/README.gitsupport or
git-support/rc/additions.vimrc for information on how to configure the syntax
highlighting to look more like Git's output.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
git-support.zip 0.9.4-1 2020-11-22 8.0 Wolfgang Mehner - Add command :GitTerm to execute Git in a terminal window (requires +terminal).
- Improve :GitGrep (in case +conceal is available).
- Improve :GitLog to support ranges.
- Add maps to these buffers: branch, status
- Adapt for running under Neovim more smoothly.
- Minor changes.
git-support.zip 0.9.3 2016-07-23 7.3 Wolfgang Mehner - Add: The diff buffer can be use to add/reset chunks, added new maps.
- Add: Extended command-line completion to handle options for Git commands.
- Add: New maps for the buffer: log
- Add: Command :GitEdit to quickly jump to configuration files.
- Change: The status buffer can handle renamed files.
- Improve syntax highlighting.
- Minor changes.
git-support.zip 0.9.2 2014-10-27 7.0 Wolfgang Mehner - Added: Command :GitBash for running interactive Git commands.
- Added: Command :GitSlist as a shorthand for ":GitStash list".
- Added: New maps for the buffers: branch, remote, stash, tag
- Added: New maps for the buffer: status
- Added: New setting g:Git_BinPath, to set the path to the executables.
- Added: Command-line completion for subcommands, branches, remotes, tags.
- Changed: :GitShow shows different objects in an according way.
- Changed: :GitCommitFile updates the file before committing.
- Changed: :GitHelp shows man page text with appropriate width.
- Changed: :GitStatus can be restricted to a path by passing it as an argument.
- Changed: :GitStatus respects the option 'status.relativePaths'.
- Changed: :GitStatus can work with changes introduced by Git version 1.8.5.
- Changed: Calling :GitCheckout and :GitReset without arguments
  (see g:Git_CheckoutExpandEmpty and g:Git_ResetExpandEmpty).
- Fixed: Jumping to files was still not working correctly.
- Fixed: Better compatibility with custom mappings
  (use "normal!", "noremap" and "noremenu" consistently).
- Improved syntax highlighting.
- Minor changes.
git-support.zip 0.9.1 2013-12-29 7.0 Wolfgang Mehner - Added: New maps for the buffers: blame, diff and status
- Changed: Commands which open a file will jump to its window, if one exists.
- Changed: Opening a diff in the status buffer (see g:Git_StatusStagedOpenDiff).
- Changed: Calling :GitDiff without arguments (see g:Git_DiffExpandEmpty).
- Added: Command :GitGrep and :GitGrepTop.
- Added: Command :GitMergeUpstream.
- Added: Custom menu (see g:Git_CustomMenu).
- Added: Cmd. line completion for :GitHelp.
- Added: Command :GitBlame supports ranges.
- Fixed: Jumping from the status buffer to a file did not work when the working directory changed.
- Changed: After jumping to a file/buffer, open all folds under the cursor (see g:Git_OpenFoldAfterJump).
- Changed: Default executables for Windows.
- Added: Command :GitK.
- Added: Settings g:Git_GitKExecutable and g:Git_GitKScript.
- Improved syntax highlighting.
- Minor bugfixes and improvements.
git-support.zip 0.9 2013-03-30 7.0 Wolfgang Mehner Initial upload
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