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eighties.vim : Automatically resizes your windows

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created by
Justin Campbell
script type
GitHub: https://github.com/justincampbell/vim-eighties
Demo: https://s3.amazonaws.com/justincampbell/vim-eighties.gif

# Features

* Resizes the width of the current window when switching
* Calculates the minimum width (80 by default) + line numbers/signs/etc
* Won't shrink the current window
* Won't resize file browsers, such as NERDTree

# Configuration & Defaults

let g:eighties_enabled = 1
let g:eighties_minimum_width = 80
let g:eighties_extra_width = 0 " Increase this if you want some extra room
let g:eighties_compute = 1 " Disable this if you just want the minimum + extra
install details

Plug 'justincampbell/vim-eighties'


Bundle 'justincampbell/vim-eighties'


cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone git://github.com/justincampbell/vim-eighties.git

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-eighties.zip 1.0.9 2016-12-15 7.0 Justin Campbell * Add EightiesDisable and EightiesEnable commands
vim-eighties.zip 1.0.8 2015-11-02 7.0 Justin Campbell * Fix logic for line number width
* Allow for optional list of bufnames to not resize (@jondkinney)
* Fix resize after first open (@flyingwitholdlady)
vim-eighties.zip 1.0.7 2014-08-06 7.0 Justin Campbell * Fix error when files change outside of Vim (@mattmcmanus)
vim-eighties.zip 1.0.6 2013-11-01 7.0 Justin Campbell * Fix NERDtree detection
vim-eighties.zip 1.0.5 2013-04-18 7.0 Justin Campbell * Added vimpanel support (@dexterry)
vim-eighties.zip 1.0.4 2013-04-08 7.0 Justin Campbell * Fixed occasional errors with lots of buffers
vim-eighties.zip 1.0.3 2013-04-08 7.0 Justin Campbell * Resize when entering a window, instead of a buffer
vim-eighties.zip 1.0.2 2013-04-03 7.0 Justin Campbell Fixes `:e newfile`
vim-eighties.zip 1.0 2013-04-01 7.0 Justin Campbell Initial upload
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