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dispatch.vim : Asynchronous build and test dispatcher

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Tim Pope
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Leverage the power of Vim's compiler plugins without being bound by synchronicity.  Kick off builds and test suites using one of several asynchronous adapters (including tmux, screen, iTerm, Windows, and a headless mode), and when the job completes, errors will be loaded and parsed automatically.



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install details
Extract in ~/.vim (~\vimfiles on Windows).

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
dispatch.zip 1.8 2019-06-09 7.0 Tim Pope Support :vert Copen and other mods.
Provide options for partially disabling strategies.
Bug fixes.
dispatch.zip 1.7 2019-03-01 7.0 Tim Pope Support force killing a dispatch with :AbortDispatch!.
Support Fish shell.
Invoke ShellCmdPost and :checktime on completion.
Bug fixes.
dispatch.zip 1.6 2018-08-01 7.0 Tim Pope Provide maps for :Make, :Dispatch, :Start, and :Spawn.
Provide :AbortDispatch.
Enable :Dispatch -- to run :Make directly.
Support :{range}Spawn to interactively spawn default dispatch.
Support %:S to shell escape filename.
Use job support plus FIFO for callback when dispatch completes.
Bug fixes and robustness improvements.
dispatch.zip 1.5 2018-04-01 7.0 Tim Pope Provide m maps for :Make.
Show :Dispatch command in quickfix title.
Include handler/pid in summary and quickfix title.
Clear and claim quickfix list immediately after :Dispatch.
Open quickfix window with dispatched working directory.
Accept :FocusDispatch :.Dispatch to focus buffer default.
Allow configuration of size of quickfix window (and tmux panel).
Auto-write before :Start, :Spawn, and :Dispatch :vimcommand.
Store global focused command in session.
Support iTerm 3.
Enable X11 terminal flags other than -e.
Assorted bug fixes.
dispatch.zip 1.4 2016-04-01 7.0 Tim Pope Show success/failure (zero/nonzero) exit status on completion.
Always open quickfix on failure exit status.
Pause after :Start failure exit status.
Support :Start -wait= for exit pause control.
Add make support to X11 handler.
Set window title in tmux panes.
Allow tmux completion to call other autocommands.
Fix X11 adapter in terminal with foreground :Make.
Support %< in makeprg string.
Don't try to use clientserver support on Neovim.
Strip `^O` from the output.
Fix focus after screen foreground :Dispatch.
Drop interrupt special casing.
dispatch.zip 1.3 2015-05-08 7.0 Tim Pope Support :Dispatch/:Start -dir= to run in the given directory.
Support :Dispatch -compiler= to force compiler plugin.
Expand `=vimexpr` in b:dispatch, with v:lnum set to :Dispatch's count.
Show exact command that will run on :{count}FocusDispatch.
Use g:completion_filter on completion results if available.
Match programs with dots in the name, e.g. "py.test".
Avoid error on old Vim without haslocaldir().
Fix pid functions for cygwin shells.
Strip out ^[[2K and ^[[0G in tmux output.
dispatch.zip 1.2 2014-07-14 7.0 Tim Pope Make :Start idempotent, finding existing process if running.
Provide :Spawn with :Start's old, non-idempotent behavior.
Show PID of created process.
Enable compiler plugins to provide custom completion.
Allow :0Dispatch to bypass focus.
Strip out ^[[K and progress bars in tmux output.
Don't tmux pipe-pane if error format targets \r or \e.
Use wmctrl if available to enable X11 :Start!.
Use :cwindow semantics when opening/closing quickfix window.
Remove catch-all ignores from error formats.
Show shell command not Vim command in "Finished" message.
Add QuickFixCmdPre cgetfile event.
Add QuickFix dispatch-make events.
Don't fire modelines for QuickFix events.
Fix shell escaping of exported bash functions.
Fix output of :Focus when focused on Vim command.
dispatch.zip 1.1 2014-04-01 7.0 Tim Pope Force quickfix window to very bottom.
Fire a QuickFixCmdPost event after loading results.
Set xterm title with screen and tmux.
Tweak screen adapter for wider version and distribution support.
Default :Start to b:start.
Ensure identical environment vars (fixing in particular RVM support).
Allow greater compiler detection control with g:dispatch_compilers.
Enhance and fix bugs in compiler detection.
Don't launch iTerm if not already running.
Numerous small bug fixes.
dispatch.zip 1.0 2013-04-01 7.0 Tim Pope Initial upload
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