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vim-easy-align : A powerful, yet easy-to-use Vim alignment plugin

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Junegunn Choi
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A powerful, yet easy-to-use Vim alignment plugin

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Quick start guide:

- Makes the common case easy
  - Comes with a predefined set of alignment rules
  - Provides a fast and intuitive interface
- Extensible
  - You can define your own rules
  - Supports arbitrary regular expressions
- Optimized for code editing
  - Takes advantage of syntax highlighting feature to avoid unwanted alignments
install details
Extract in ~/.vim, or use a plugin manager. Check out mine: https://github.com/junegunn/vim-plug

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-easy-align.zip 2.9.3 2014-05-16 7.0 Junegunn Choi Better handling of tab characters
vim-easy-align.zip 2.9.2 2014-01-20 7.0 Junegunn Choi Removed +float dependency
vim-easy-align.zip 2.9.1 2013-12-07 7.3 Junegunn Choi - visualrepeat integration
- Helpfile updated
vim-easy-align.zip 2.9.0 2013-12-05 7.3 Junegunn Choi repeat.vim integration with <Plug>(EasyAlign) and <Plug>(LiveEasyAlign)
vim-easy-align.zip 2.8.1 2013-11-27 7.3 Junegunn Choi - A bug fix on hard-tab support
vim-easy-align.zip 2.8.0 2013-10-31 7.3 Junegunn Choi - Added `filter` option
- Hard tab support
vim-easy-align.zip 2.7.0 2013-10-21 7.3 Junegunn Choi - Added LiveEasyAlign command (interactive mode with live preview)
- Added & rule for LaTeX tables
- Added g:easy_align_bypass_fold switch
- Performance optimization
- Bug fixes
vim-easy-align.zip 2.6.1 2013-10-07 7.3 Junegunn Choi - Shorthand option notation now can be used with delimiter key as well
vim-easy-align.zip 2.6.0 2013-10-05 7.3 Junegunn Choi - Shorthand notation for options
- Usability improvements
vim-easy-align.zip 2.5.1 2013-09-27 7.3 Junegunn Choi - Interactive mode made more forgiving of invalid inputs
vim-easy-align.zip 2.5.0 2013-09-20 7.3 Junegunn Choi - Improved output: Colored and replayable
- Fixed a minor bug in center-alignment
- Fixed invalid type conversion in interactive mode user prompt
vim-easy-align.zip 2.4.2 2013-09-17 7.3 Junegunn Choi - Changed <Left> key to set left_margin to zero
- Updated help file
vim-easy-align.zip 2.4.1 2013-09-14 7.3 Junegunn Choi - <CTRL-/> doesn't work on GVim. So added <CTRL-X> as another trigger for regular expression
- <Left>, <Right> key to toggle stick_to_left option
- Retain visual selection display on <CTRL-L/R/O/X>
vim-easy-align.zip 2.4.0 2013-09-13 7.3 Junegunn Choi - Regular expression support in interactive mode (CTRL-/)
- Implemented `mode_sequence' expansion: e.g. lrc*, lrc**
vim-easy-align.zip 2.3.1 2013-08-24 7.3 Junegunn Choi - Implemented 'stick_to_left' option in center-alignment mode
vim-easy-align.zip 2.3.0 2013-08-22 7.3 Junegunn Choi - Added special keys to set alignment options in interactive mode
- Better center-alignment in the presence of leading whitespaces
vim-easy-align.zip 2.2.0 2013-08-19 7.3 Junegunn Choi - Added center-alignment mode
- Improved right-alignment mode
- Added `mode_sequence` option
vim-easy-align.zip 2.1.0 2013-08-13 7.3 Junegunn Choi - Added `delimiter_align` option
- Added support for regular expressions with lookaheads and lookbehinds
vim-easy-align.zip 2.0.0 2013-08-06 7.3 Junegunn Choi Major improvement in :EasyAlign command. Added support for arbitrary regular expressions.
vim-easy-align.zip 1.7.1 2013-08-01 7.3 Junegunn Choi A bug fix (https://github.com/junegunn/vim-easy-align/issues/4)
vim-easy-align.zip 1.7 2013-07-30 7.3 Junegunn Choi Made it possible to ignore delimiters in certain syntax highlighting groups (e.g. strings, comments)
vim-easy-align.zip 1.6 2013-07-16 7.3 Junegunn Choi Added left-right alternating alignment mode (**)
vim-easy-align.zip 1.5.1 2013-07-06 7.3 Junegunn Choi Improved recursive(*) alignment performance
vim-easy-align.zip 1.5 2013-06-19 7.3 Junegunn Choi Ignore comment lines
vim-easy-align.zip 1.4 2013-05-13 7.3 Junegunn Choi Added support for negative field numbers (backward scan).
Fixed invalid alignment in the presence of multibyte characters.
Added an alignment rule for closing braces.
vim-easy-align.zip 1.3 2013-05-10 7.3 Junegunn Choi Fixed tag in help file. Updated a predefined alignment rule (=== in =).
vim-easy-align.zip 1.2 2013-05-06 7.3 Junegunn Choi Added right-justification mode (enter key to toggle)
vim-easy-align.zip 1.1 2013-05-01 7.3 Junegunn Choi Partial alignment in blockwise-visual mode
vim-easy-align.zip 1.0 2013-04-12 7.3 Junegunn Choi Initial upload
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