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vim-online-thesaurus : A Vim plugin for looking up words in an online thesaurus

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created by
Anton Beloglazov
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# Vim Online Thesaurus

This is a plugin for Vim allowing you to look up words in an online thesaurus,
which is at the moment configured to be http://thesaurus.com/

The plugin displays the definition of the word under the cursor and a list of

Screenshot: https://raw.github.com/beloglazov/vim-online-thesaurus/master/screenshot.png
Homepage: https://github.com/beloglazov/vim-online-thesaurus

The credit for the original idea and code goes to Nick Coleman:

## Usage

The plugin provides the `:OnlineThesaurusCurrentWord` command to look up the    
current word under the cursor in an online thesaurus. Alternatively, you can    
look up any word with `:Thesaurus word`.                                        
Internally, both commands make a request to http://thesaurus.com/, parse the    
results, and display them in a vertical split in the bottom.                    
By default the `:OnlineThesaurusCurrentWord` command is mapped to                
`<LocalLeader>K`.  If you haven't remapped `<LocalLeader>`, it defaults to `\`.  
To close the split, just press `q`.

## Configuration

If you want to disable the default key binding, add the following line to your

let g:online_thesaurus_map_keys = 0

Then you can map the `:OnlineThesaurusCurrentWord` command to anything you want  
as follows:                                                                      
nnoremap <your key binding> :OnlineThesaurusCurrentWord<CR>


## License

Copyright (c) Anton Beloglazov. Distributed under the same terms as Vim itself.
See :help license.
install details
Unpack the tarball to your plugin directory. If you are using Vundle, just add the following line to your .vimrc:

Bundle 'beloglazov/vim-online-thesaurus'

Then run `:BundleInstall` to install the plugin.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-online-thesaurus.tar.gz 0.3.2 2016-02-21 7.0 Anton Beloglazov Moved the term into the window title (#32), fixed #34
vim-online-thesaurus.tar.gz 0.3.1 2015-07-07 7.0 Anton Beloglazov Added a mapping to look up expressions selected in visual mode: https://github.com/beloglazov/vim-online-thesaurus/issues/30
vim-online-thesaurus.tar.gz 0.3.0 2015-06-14 7.0 Anton Beloglazov Added Windows support: https://github.com/beloglazov/vim-online-thesaurus/pull/28
vim-online-thesaurus.tar.gz 0.2.3 2015-04-27 7.0 Anton Beloglazov Fixed issue #25: https://github.com/beloglazov/vim-online-thesaurus/issues/25
vim-online-thesaurus.tar.gz 0.2.2 2015-04-20 7.0 Anton Beloglazov Improved cross-platform compatibility
vim-online-thesaurus.tar.gz 0.2.1 2015-03-04 7.0 Anton Beloglazov More robust word/expression search
vim-online-thesaurus.tar.gz 0.2.0 2015-03-04 7.0 Anton Beloglazov Added support for multiple word definitions, reuse the thesaurus window -- thanks to Shahaf Arad (av3r4ge).
vim-online-thesaurus.tar.gz 0.1.9 2015-02-11 7.0 Anton Beloglazov Fixed Windows compatibility: https://github.com/beloglazov/vim-online-thesaurus/issues/14
vim-online-thesaurus.tar.gz 0.1.8 2015-02-09 7.0 Anton Beloglazov Improved Windows support: https://github.com/beloglazov/vim-online-thesaurus/pull/13
vim-online-thesaurus.tar.gz 0.1.7 2013-10-29 7.0 Anton Beloglazov Updated the parser to adapt to the new HTML layout of thesaurus.com
vim-online-thesaurus.tar.gz 0.1.6 2013-10-02 7.0 Anton Beloglazov Split the default command into two: `:OnlineThesaurusCurrentWord` and a short command that can be called manually with an argument `:Thesaurus word`.
vim-online-thesaurus.tar.gz 0.1.5 2013-08-22 7.0 Anton Beloglazov A few cross-platform compatibility improvements
vim-online-thesaurus.tar.gz 0.1.4 2013-08-21 7.0 Anton Beloglazov Fixed the plugin to work correctly with the new version of thesaurus.com
vim-online-thesaurus.tar.gz 0.1.3 2013-06-16 7.0 Anton Beloglazov Fixed the documentation: `let g:online_thesaurus_map_keys = 0` to disable the default key binding
vim-online-thesaurus.tar.gz 0.1.2 2013-05-27 7.0 Anton Beloglazov Replaced wget with curl (available on Mac OS X by default).
vim-online-thesaurus.tar.gz 0.1.1 2013-05-20 7.0 Anton Beloglazov Fixed some Mac/Linux compatibility issues.
vim-online-thesaurus.tar.gz 0.1 2013-05-19 7.0 Anton Beloglazov Initial upload
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