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buildmenu : Plugin for managing a list of build targets (so far only with Waf)

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Andrej Stender
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Grab the latest dev version from github: https://github.com/andsten/buildmenu.

If you use the build-tool Waf (http://code.google.com/p/waf), this plugin will
assist you by providing a comfortable sidebar menu which lists major Waf
commands and all existing build-targets of your current project. You can
select one or more targets from the list for building.

See https://github.com/andsten/buildmenu/wiki for a screenshot.

Mappings in the sidebar menu:

select or unselect a build-target from the list. the target
is highlighted in a different color to visualize your choice

start building your selected build-target(s) with Waf. The
resulting build command would usually look like this:
   ./waf --targets=common,unittest1,unitest2

refresh build target list (plugin will run cmd "waf list" again)

You need to set a key-mapping in your .vimrc file to open/close the sidebar
menu (install this plugin and see its help file for details).

This script is still quite young and far from being feature complete.
Planned features for future versions:

* test seriously on windows platform (so far only tested on linux)
* user can add own args to the waf command-line for building
* quick-help in the style of NERDTree (when pressing '?')
* support of other build systems like SCons and GNU Make (if feasible)
* multiselect targets via visual mode
* press 'U' to unselect all
install details
* unzip the archive into your ~/.vim directory. That should put buildmenu.vim
  in ~/.vim/plugin and buildmenu.txt in ~/.vim/doc.
* start vim and run ":helptags ~/.vim/doc"
* enter ":help buildmenu" to view the help page of this plugin

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
buildmenu.zip 0.2 2013-08-10 7.3 Andrej Stender - menu offers major Waf commands (–help, clean, distclean, configure, build, …)
- status-line shows Waf version
- lot of bugfixes, code refactoring
buildmenu.zip 0.1 2013-07-14 7.3 Andrej Stender Initial upload
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