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Vim-Ultimate-Colorscheme-Utility : Utility for managing multiple favorite colorschemes and fonts.

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created by
Kevin Biskar
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Use the http://github.com/biskark/vim-ultimate-colorscheme-utility page for more current releases.
If you have and questions, comments, or new feature ideas, you can contact me at biskark@gmail.com

New Features
Menu Integration

Ultimate Colorscheme Utility is now working on better integration into GVim. There is now a 'Favorites' menu that enables all the functionality of the plugin at the push of a button.
Excluded Filetypes

Now you can specify which filetypes Ultimate Colorscheme Utility can ignore for even more customizability.

Ultimate Colorscheme Utility offers several features for customizing your colorscheme preferences.
- Allows for easy browsing of all installed colorschemes,
  see the awesome archive at https://github.com/flazz/vim-colorschemes for a ton of colorschemes.
- Allows saving favorite colorschemes for all vim, or for specific filetypes.
- Enables automatic switching of colorschemes when switching fietype buffers so that a favorite scheme is always on.
- NEW: Allows for the saving of favorite fonts when using GVim.

Quick Usage
Note: This is not a complete list and all mappings are customizable, view the helptags for more information.

<leader><leader>a    " Adds the current colorscheme to favorites
<leader><leader>A    " Removes the current colorscheme from favorites
<leader><leader>f     " Goes to next colorscheme in favorites
<leader><leader>F    " Goes to previous colorscheme in favorites
<leader><leader>g    " Goes to next colorscheme in global favorites
<leader><leader>G    " Goes to previous colorscheme in global favorites
<leader><leader>n    " Goes to next colorscheme in all colors
<leader><leader>N    " Goes to previous colorscheme in all colors

<leader><leader>t     " Adds the current font to favorites
<leader><leader>T    " Removes the current font from favorites
<leader><leader>e    " Goes to the next font in filetype specific favorites
<leader><leader>E    " Goes to the previous font in filetype specific favorites
<leader><leader>r     " Goes to the next font in global favorites
<leader><leader>R   " Goes to the previous font in global favorites

<leader><leader>q    " Views all favorites
install details

### via Pathogen, the preferred method

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone https://github.com/biskark/vim-ultimate-colorscheme-utility.git
In vim type ':pathogen#helptags' # Adds documentation

### via archive, the bad method
1. download archive
2. unzip archive
3. copy all files into $HOME/.vim for mac or linux, or $HOME/vimfiles for windows
4. In vim, type ':helptags $HOME/.vim/doc' or ':helptags $HOME/vimfiles/doc'

### via Vundle, the unknown method
1. I don't use Vundle, but I assume it's similar to Pathogen

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-ultimate-colorscheme-utility-v0.2.2.tar 0.2.2 2013-09-06 7.0 Kevin Biskar New GVim Menu Integration and customizable list of excluded filetypes.
vim-ultimate-colorscheme-utility-v0.2.0a.tar 0.2.0a 2013-09-04 7.0 Kevin Biskar Minor Bugfixes
vim-ultimate-colorscheme-utility-v0.2.0.tar 0.2.0 2013-09-03 7.0 Kevin Biskar New Feature!

Now allows for the saving of favorite fonts.
Note this only works when using GVim.
vim-ultimate-colorscheme-utility-v0.1.3.tar 0.1.3 2013-08-19 7.0 Kevin Biskar Fixed an issue where changing colorschemes did not always display the new name when g:ulti_color_verbose was set to 1.
vim-ultimate-colorscheme-utility-v0.1.2.tar 0.1.2 2013-08-19 7.0 Kevin Biskar Minor Bug Fix - Typo corrected that prevented manual saving and loading of favorites.
vim-ultimate-colorscheme-utility-v0.1.1.zip 0.1.1 2013-08-07 7.0 Kevin Biskar Added explicit browsing of global favorites, documentation update and minor bug fixes.
vim-ultimate-colorscheme-utility.tar 0.1.0 2013-08-01 7.0 Kevin Biskar Initial upload
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