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move : Move lines and selected text up and down

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Matthias Vogelgesang
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move is a Vim plugin that moves lines and selections in a visual manner using key maps in normal and visual mode.

Read more about the plugin at


or watch a short demo screen cast for a first impression


Source code and some more details are available at

install details
Use either Pathogen, Vundle or NeoBundle, e.g. add

    Bundle 'matze/vim-move'

to your .vimrc or install manually using the standard Vim way. For more information have a look at


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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-move-1.4.tar.gz 1.4 2018-08-19 7.0 Matthias Vogelgesang * New functionality for moving horizontally
* Add g:move_past_end_of_line to control the move to the right.
vim-move-1.3.tar.gz 1.3 2014-03-18 7.0 Matthias Vogelgesang * Add g:move_auto_indent option to en-/disable auto indentation
* Do not modify readonly buffers
* Silence :move commands to avoid first-time errors on read-only files.
vim-move-1.2.tar.gz 1.2 2013-08-14 7.0 Matthias Vogelgesang * Add key modifier for bindings (@vitalk)
* Use <A-j> and <A-k> in normal and visual mode (@vitalk)
* Add <Plug>Move{Block,Line}HalfPage{Up,Down} to move text in larger increments.
vim-move-1.1.tar.gz 1.1 2013-08-10 7.0 Matthias Vogelgesang Minor bug fixes.
vim-move-1.0.tar.gz 1.0 2013-08-10 7.0 Matthias Vogelgesang Initial upload
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