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fixkey : Use non-ASCII keys in console Vim

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created by
Michael Henry
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Fixkey helps Vim use the non-ASCII keys of a terminal emulator, permitting
mapping of several classes of characters, including:

- Alt-lowercase letters (<M-a> - <M-z>).
- Alt-uppercase letters (<M-A> - <M-Z>), except <M-O> due to keycode
- Function keys with no modifiers or combinations of shift, control, and alt:
  <F1> - <F12>, <S-F1> - <S-F12>, ..., <M-C-S-F1> - <M-C-S-F12>.
  *Note* not all combination of terminal and environment send all of these.
- Arrow keys with no modifiers or combinations of shift, control, and alt:
  <Up>, <Down>, <Left>, <Right>, <S-Up>, <S-Down>, <S-Left>, <S-Right>, ...,
  <M-C-S-Up>, <M-C-S-Down>, <M-C-S-Left>, <M-C-S-Right>.
- Home and End keys with no modifiers or combinations of shift, control, and
  alt: <Home>, <End>, <S-Home>, <S-End>, ..., <M-C-S-Home>, <M-C-S-End>.
- <S-Enter> (few terminals).
- <M-Enter> (not all terminals).

Now, console Vim users can map keys like Gvim users, e.g.::

  " Map Alt-q to re-wrap a paragraph.
  :nnoremap <M-q> gqap

See documentation in doc/fixkey.txt for installation instructions and
terminal setup.

Developed by Michael Henry (vim at drmikehenry.com).

Distributed under Vim's license.

Git repository:   https://github.com/drmikehenry/vim-fixkey
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package script version date Vim version user release notes
fixkey-0.3.13.zip 0.3.13 2021-02-19 7.0 Michael Henry - Add support for Alt-shifted-numbers (<M-)>, <M-!>, ..., <M-(>).

- Document that <M-M> doesn't work with PuTTY for some reason.

- Avoid overriding a non-empty 'ttymouse' setting for tmux (thanks to Kevin MacMartin).

- Allow setting g:Fixkey_termType in vimrc to override Fixkey's terminal detection algorithm.
fixkey-0.3.12.zip 0.3.12 2021-02-19 7.0 Michael Henry - Extend detection of TERM=linux to include TERM=linux-16color and similar (thanks to Andy Weidenbaum).
fixkey-0.3.11.zip 0.3.11 2019-08-25 7.0 Michael Henry - Delay Fixkey setup at startup to avoid interfering with Vim's terminal
  negotiations.  This works around issues with newer Xterm versions (see
  https://github.com/drmikehenry/vim-fixkey/issues/11).  Startup delay is
  controlled via |g:Fixkey_setupDelay|.

- Silently skip Fixkey setup when running with Neovim.  Fixkey's features
  are not required on Neovim, as that editor already supports mapping
  Alt-keys natively.  As a convenience to users that share configuration
  files between Vim and Neovim, Fixkey skips its initialization when Neovim
  is detected.
fixkey-0.3.10.zip 0.3.10 2019-03-23 7.0 Michael Henry Support Alt-numbers (<M-0> - <M-9>), thanks to Ralf Vogler.
fixkey-0.3.9.zip 0.3.9 2018-07-26 7.0 Michael Henry Clarify documentation about the need to configure Konsole.  This is a documentation-only change.
fixkey-0.3.8.zip 0.3.8 2016-10-05 7.0 Michael Henry Work around TERM=tmux issue with mis-detected mouse settings that interfere with proper operation of <Home> and <End> keys.
fixkey-0.3.7.zip 0.3.7 2016-03-13 7.0 Michael Henry Fixup function keys and navigation keys (home/end/arrows/etc.)
for xterm, konsole, and gnome-terminal.  This corrects a problem
with stock Fedora Linux vim, because Fedora patches Vim and
exchanges the definitions for <F1> through <F4> with <xF1>
through <xF4>.
fixkey-0.3.6.zip 0.3.6 2015-10-23 7.0 Michael Henry Support TERM=tmux.  Starting with version 2.1, tmux allows TERM to be "tmux" instead of just "screen".
fixkey-0.3.5.zip 0.3.5 2014-07-27 7.0 Michael Henry Add support for \"TERM=screen-it\" and similar (thanks to Kevin MacMartin) (updated for minor typo in documentation).
fixkey-0.3.3.zip 0.3.3 2014-05-17 7.0 Michael Henry Add support for overlooked PuTTY-SCO keys <F1> to <F12>.
fixkey-0.3.2.zip 0.3.2 2013-10-03 7.0 Michael Henry Documentation reorganization.
vim-fixkey-0.3.1.zip 0.3.1 2013-09-23 7.0 Michael Henry Restore cpoptions correctly.
vim-fixkey-0.3.0.zip 0.3.0 2013-08-25 7.0 Michael Henry Add support for more modifier keys.  Now all combinations of Shift, Control, and Meta work with function keys, arrows, and home/end (on supported terminals).
vim-fixkey-0.2.3.zip 0.2.3 2013-08-20 7.0 Michael Henry Add support for -bce and -s subvariants of screen (e.g., TERM=screen-256color-bce-s will now work).
vim-fixkey-0.2.2.zip 0.2.2 2013-08-18 7.0 Michael Henry Add support for <M-Enter>, <S-Enter> for some terminals
vim-fixkey-0.2.1.zip 0.2.1 2013-08-15 7.0 Michael Henry Initial upload
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