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nextfile.vim : Vim plugin to open related files by key(i.e. \n or any)

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created by
Allen Kim
script type
How it works

When initialized, set related files
In vim window, when n is pressed

1. Get the current file name
2. Get the related files
3. Open a window with related files and let you to choose which file to open
   1) <Enter> to open in a current window
   2) "o" to open in a horizontally splitted window
   3) "v" to open in a vertically split window

For Rails developers, there is pre-defined mapping like the following. You may want to change this. If so, you can re-define this in your .vimrc
    let g:nextFilesMap["Ruby On Rails"] = {
      \ "Ruby On Rails" : {
        \ "Controller" : { "expression" : "app/controllers/(.*)_controller.rb$", "transform" : "pluralize" },
        \ "Funtional Test" : { "expression" : "test/functional/(.*)_controller_test.rb$", "transform" : "pluralize" },
        \ "View" : { "expression" : "app/views/(.*)/", "transform" : "pluralize" },
        \ "Model" : { "expression" : "app/models/(.*).rb$", "transform" : "singularize" },
        \ "Unit Test" : { "expression" : "test/unit/(.*)_test.rb$", "transform" : "singularize" }
      \ }
    \ }

For screenshot and source code, visit https://github.com/bighostkim/nextfile.vim,
and if you want to make this better, please log an issue or fork this repository.

If you like this, you may like files.vim also,  https://github.com/bighostkim/files.vim.
install details
Install it with Vundle
    Bundle 'bighostkim/nextfile.vim'

Or, download the following files into ~/.vim/plugin directory. Two .txt files, singular_expressions.txt and plural_expressoins.txt, are used to convert file names into singular and plural word in English.

. nextfile.vim
. singular_expressions.txt
. plural_expressions.txt

To your ~/.vimrc, add a keyboard map to call NextFile() function

    nmap <Leader>n <ESC>:call NextFile()<CR>

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
nextfile.vim.zip 0.4 2013-09-17 7.0 Allen Kim Open/Close directory by <Enter>
nextfile.vim.zip 0.3 2013-09-09 7.0 Allen Kim help line one the top, most related file on the next line with cursor
nextfile.vim.zip 0.2 2013-09-05 7.0 Allen Kim changed file switching to file browser so that we can open by split or vsplit
nextfile.vim 0.1 2013-08-18 7.0 Allen Kim Initial upload
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