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Hardcore Mode : A mode that helps get rid of the habit of using evil cursor keys, mouse, and GUI

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created by
Michael Kamensky
script type
Agetian's Vim Hardcore Mode (C) 2013 by Michael Kamensky, all rights reserved.
This script is distributed under Vim license.

This simple script is aimed to help aspiring Vim users become adept at using the
proper Vim motion keys when moving around, selecting text, and performing
various operations.

Vim is a modern tool and, as any other modern tool, allows the user to use the
traditional input and movement methods, such as e.g. the cursor keys and the
mouse, despite their terrible inefficiency compared to the methods that Vim was
originally meant to be used with. In addition to that, the GUI version of Vim
(gVim) features the menu bar and the toolbar which seem to help the beginning
user but in reality only slow him/her down and take away the precious window
space that can be used to actually display the edited text.

This hardcore mode is meant to help the Vim users get a better feel for the
proper Vim movement and input commands and get rid of the bad habit of using the
"evil", slow methods of moving around. It does so by temporarily disabling the
most common unwanted movement methods (the cursor keys, the mouse,
PgUp/PgDn/etc.), as well as the most common unwanted GUI features (the menu bar
and the toolbar), thus making it more difficult (rather, temporarily impossible)
for the end user to actually use them. In normal mode, the plugin will give
hints as to what keys can be used instead of the "evil" keys. In insert,
command, and visual modes, sadly, the hints did not work correctly for some
reason, so currently the keys will simply not do anything there. With time,
hopefully, you will learn to overcome your desire to use the evil keys and the
evil mouse in Vim (because they simply don't do the thing you want) and learn to
use the proper keys instead.

The hardcore mode is easy to enable (<Leader>hm by default, mnemonic for
"Hardcore Mode") and easy to disable if the user gets tired of it or gets lost
and confused (use the same key sequence, <Leader>hm by default).

WARNING: By default, the hardcore mode disables the cursor keys and PgUp/PgDn/
End/Home/Insert/Delete keys in the command (ex) mode! This may be confusing at
first because it seems to make scrolling through the command history more
difficult (many users prefer to use the Up key to choose the previous commands).
Do try to use the main keyboard keys to navigate the command line history (C-p
shows the previous entry, C-n shows the next entry, C-f opens the history window
where you can edit the command line and execute it). If you find it difficult
and you're sure you want the old command line functionality back while in
Hardcore mode, you can use <Leader>hc (by default) to toggle whether the command
mode is hardcore or not.

The plugin will remember the user's current mouse and GUI settings and restore
them when the hardcore mode is disabled. As such, if you normally have the mouse
and the menu bar/toolbar disabled, disabling the hardcore mode will not enable
those features automatically for you.

Enabling/disabling the mode
Unless you customized the mappings in hardcore.vim, use:
<Leader>hm to toggle the hardcore mode
<Leader>hc to toggle whether the command (ex) mode is hardcore or not
The default leader key in Vim is the backslash key (\).

If you are a beginner in Vim, please make sure of the following before trying to
use this script:
1) Make sure you at least complete the 'vimtutor' tutorial that ships with Vim
to familiarize yourself with the proper motion commands.
2) Make sure you use the "real Vim" - that is, ensure you're not using the
so-called "easy mode" which is actually more evil than both the cursor keys and
the mouse combined. If you can only use Vim in "easy mode", please familiarize
yourself with the way Vim is really meant to be used before trying the hardcore
3) If worst comes to worst, remember that <Leader>hm (by default, backslash
quickly followed by h and m) in Normal mode will disable Hardcore Mode if it's
already enabled. If that fails for you for whatever reason and you can't get out
of hardcore mode, restart Vim and it'll be back to normal.

The hardcore mode may feel frustrating for you or confuse you in case you're
only starting to use Vim and are not familiar with modal editing and vi movement
keys yet. You've been warned. ;)

Known issues

Enabling and disabling hardcore mode multiple times in gVim progressively makes
the gVim window smaller by one line. This is easily fixed by remaximizing gVim
window or resizing it back to the desired size. This issue occurs because of the
way gVim handles the menu bar and the toolbar when they are toggled on and off,
I'm not sure if it's possible to resolve it programmatically from the plugin.

If you still feel brave enough to try out hardcore mode, gl hf!
install details
Variant 1. Drop hardcore.vim into your "plugin" folder in the ~/.vim directory.
   It'll be loaded automatically the next time you start Vim.
Variant 2. Manually open the script (:e hardcore.vim) and source it (:so %).
   It'll be loaded immediately but will not be auto-loaded the next time
   you start Vim.

IMPORTANT: If you are using any custom plugins that rely on mappings for cursor
keys, Insert/Delete/Home/End/PgUp/PgDn keys, or the mouse, this plugin may mess
with these plugins and disrupt their operation!


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package script version date Vim version user release notes
hardcore_1.2.zip 1.2 2013-09-09 7.0 Michael Kamensky - Changed the way Hardcore Mode is enabled/disabled. Instead of using two different command sequences the Hardcore Mode is now toggled with <Leader>hm, mnemonic for Hardcore Mode.
hardcore_1.1.zip 1.1 2013-09-09 7.0 Michael Kamensky - Hardcore mode now disables cursor keys and PgUp/PgDn/etc. keys in Command (ex) mode by default (yes, do try to use C-n/C-p/C-f instead to navigate through the command history and edit/reexecute commands).
- Hardcore Command (ex) mode can be toggled using the <Leader>hc combination while in Normal mode.
- Readme updated to account for the new changes and to outline the known issues and their solutions.
hardcore_1.0.zip 1.0 2013-09-08 7.0 Michael Kamensky Initial upload
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