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systemverilog.vim : Indent & syntax script for Verilog and SystemVerilog

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created by
Nachum Kanovsky
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Latest version 1.9 - download from GitHub

This script is maintained on github at:
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package script version date Vim version user release notes
systemverilog.vim-master.zip 1.9 2019-11-22 7.0 Nachum Kanovsky Fix indent for SVA properties.
Improve syntax support.
systemverilog.1.7.zip 1.7 2018-03-28 7.0 Nachum Kanovsky Comments handled properly - see GitHub for details.
systemverilog.vim-1.5.tar.gz 1.5 2017-03-12 7.2 Nachum Kanovsky Fix matchit support - thank you Felipe Gonçalves Assis
Fix number highlighting
systemverilog.1.3.tar.gz 1.3 2014-01-29 7.0 Nachum Kanovsky Ignores keywords in single line strings. Eg: If a string contained the word 'end' it would mis-indent.
systemverilog.1.2.tar.gz 1.2 2014-01-29 7.0 Nachum Kanovsky Added in 'z' and 'x' for number highlighting.
Added in missing operators for highlighting - Thanks to Eugene Mikhantiev.
systemverilog.1.1.tar.gz 1.1 2014-01-17 7.0 Nachum Kanovsky Improved case statement highlighting.
eg: label1, label2, label3: ...
will now highlight properly.
systemverilog.1.0.tar.gz 1.0 2013-11-13 7.0 Nachum Kanovsky Fixed incorrect highlighting of numbers and times.
systemverilog.0.9.tar.gz 0.9 2013-11-12 7.0 Nachum Kanovsky Fixed syntax highlighting for case and possibly other keywords messed up by the existence of svIdentifier.
systemverilog.0.8.tar.gz 0.8 2013-10-25 7.0 Nachum Kanovsky Fixed assume property indent.
systemverilog.0.7.tar.gz 0.7 2013-10-25 7.0 Nachum Kanovsky Fixed issue with assert and cover property statements causing indent.
systemverilog.0.6.tar.gz 0.6 2013-10-25 7.0 Nachum Kanovsky Added a bunch of additional keywords to syntax script. Supports property, sequence, covergroup, etc...
systemverilog.0.5.tar.gz 0.5 2013-10-24 7.0 Nachum Kanovsky Added in syntax highlighting
Indent with ( as well
Added in headers
systemverilog.0.4.tar.gz 0.4 2013-10-07 7.0 Nachum Kanovsky oops, forgot to uncomment finish lines in load checks
systemverilog.0.3.tar.gz 0.3 2013-10-07 7.0 Nachum Kanovsky Added in { and }.
systemverilog.0.2.tar.gz 0.2 2013-10-07 7.3 Nachum Kanovsky Added support for pure functions.
systemverilog.tar.gz 0.1 2013-10-07 7.0 Nachum Kanovsky Initial upload
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