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tabwins.vim : 1 command for custom window structures that persist

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created by
Charles Sheridan
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"I'm very impressed with it. It gets my highest accolade: the coveted 'Why The
Hell Isn't This Functionality Built-In To Vim' award."
- Damian Conway

The Developer:

   o Avoids hit-or-miss, time-consuming, manual, repetitious runs of :split/:vsplit

   o Avoids detours thinking about how to produce an intended window structure

   o Avoids losing current configurations due to mid-session reloads of backed-up Vim sessions that have preferred window structures

   o Avoids loss of focus from these discontinuities

SEE the reworked and graphically-enhanced tabwins.vim documentation at
install details
  tabwins.vim tabwins/ dir is structured for deployment in a
  pathogen-managed bundle directory, e.g. ~/.vim/bundle/

  If pathogen is not installed, copy the the files in the tabwins
  subdirs to the same subdirs in ~/.vim.

  Enable :h tabwins in a pathogen environment with
  and in a non-pathogen environment with


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package script version date Vim version user release notes
tabwins.v3.1.0.tgz 3.1.0 2013-12-08 7.0 Charles Sheridan 1. For fill_specs that are files, put line #1 at window top.
2. tabwins.txt: correct Fill_tab() key 'dir_cmd_name'     to 'explore_cmd_name'
3. tabwins.txt: correct 'tabwins_dir_reader_name_default' to 'tabwins_explore_cmd_name_default'
4. tabwins.txt: various improvements.
tabwins.v3.0.0.tgz 3.0.0 2013-12-03 7.0 Charles Sheridan 0. No behavioral changes to command logic.
1. Tab option 'line_number_at_window_top'
   renamed => 'line_number_at_netrw_window_top'

2. Add configurable build of command aliases :T, :V, :H, and :TF
   for :Tabwins* commands.  An alias is NOT BUILT IF an existing
   command has the same name.  See ""Configuration"/*TabwinsConfiguration*
   in tabwins.txt.

3. All defaults to Fill_tab() are now user-configurable global vars.

4. Most functions converted to vimscript ':s' scope -- the
   Explore_*() functions and Fill_tab() are the exceptions.

5. Demo tabs are now :Tabwins* commands rather than functions.
6. Remove the :Ot* abbreviated commands for the demo tabs.
7. tabwins.txt: Add example builder command, & various improvements.
8. Comments in code cleaned up.
tabwins.v2.2.0.tgz 2.2.0 2013-11-24 7.0 Charles Sheridan - CLI commands support tab_option args
        ALL tabwins.vim capability is now available directly to
        the Vim command line.  A developer should not have to call
        functions in tabwins.vim to create a tabwins command.

- Configurable reloadability of tabwins.vim.

- Add :TabwinsFindTabwins and include it in the 'Tabwins' menu.

- Function Fill_tab() arg 'fill_content' renamed => 'fill_specs'

- Rework documentation.
tabwins.v2.1.0.tgz 2.1.0 2013-11-17 7.0 Charles Sheridan Enable command-line spec of window content.
tabwins-master.v2.0.0.tgz 2.0.0 2013-11-13 7.0 Charles Sheridan 1) As previewed in v1.8.0, the predefined asymmetric :{VH}{I…} commands are removed, replaced with calls to :TabwinsVertical, :TabwinsHorizontal, and :Tabwins.  All the Create_tab_{vh}*() commands are removed, as the :Tabwins* commands can create the same tabs, with arbitrary dimensions.

2) Addition of :Tabwins, establishing a plugin default to :TabwinsVertical

3) Lots of updates to comments, reflecting 1) & 2)
tabwins-master.tgz 1.8.0 2013-11-13 7.0 Charles Sheridan New commands :TabwinsVertical and :TabwinsHorizontal to create arbitrarily-dimensioned symmetric AND asymmetric tabs.  In v.1.7.0, each asymmetric command required creation of a dedicated function, which is no longer the case.  

Most of the predefined asymmetric commands in v.1.7.0 will be removed in a later release.
tabwins-master.zip 1.7.0 2013-11-11 7.0 Charles Sheridan Initial upload
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