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vim-sneak : motion improved

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Justin Keyes
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Sneak is a Vim plugin that enables you to move to any location specified by two characters. It works across multiple lines; with operators (including repeat .); and in visual mode. Move to the next or previous match via ; or ,. Move to the nth match by prefixing ; or , with a [count].

The plugin chooses sane defaults, which are easily changed via <Plug> mappings. See :help sneak for options and details.

Latest version and full details are here:


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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-sneak-1.7.3.zip 1.7.3 2014-04-01 7.2 Justin Keyes **New features:**
- support for mbyte/lang keymaps
- new option to disable "clever-s": `g:sneak#s_next`
- "clever-s" (g:sneak#s_next) is now disabled by default

**New features for *streak-mode*:**
- intuitive, reliable support for operators
- intuitive, reliable support for dot-repeat (requires repeat.vim)
- handle ctrl-c like <esc>
- allow S/Z/f/F/t/T in target labels
- put 's' at the start of target_labels
- provide sneak#is_sneaking() function to allow flexible mappings, for example:
      nmap <expr> s sneak#is_sneaking() ? '<Plug>SneakNext' : 's'
- provide <Plug>(SneakStreak*) in visual-mode and operator-pending mode

**Bug fixes:**
- handle operator-pending on ; , and [count]
- indentLine compatibility / don't highlight concealed characters in other windows
- fixed inclusive (f), exclusive (t) behavior
- fixed <Plug>(SneakStreak) mapping
- handle very long wrapped lines
- don't highlight same buffer in other windows
- more robust dot-repeat after streak-mode operation
vim-sneak-1.3.zip 1.3 2013-12-24 7.2 Justin Keyes Initial upload
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