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vim-textobj-quote : Extending Vim to better support typographic (curly) quote characters

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Reed Esau
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NOTE (02 Feb 2014) I've rewrote and renamed this project to "vim-textobj-quote" to emphasize its use as a text object. The former "vim-quotable" is deprecated but still available on github. -Reed

While Vim is renown for its text manipulation capabilities, it nevertheless retains a bias towards ASCII that stretches back to its vi roots on Unix. This can limit the appeal of this powerful editor for those who prefer typographic characters like “curly quotes” over "straight quotes" in the prose or documentation they write.

Features of this plugin:

* Automatic entry of ‘typographic quotes’ from the 'straight quote' keys
* Motion support for typographic quote pairs
* Matchit % matching for typographic quote pairs
* User can define alternative typographic quote pairs
* Replace quotes in existing text, including entire buffer

The latest version of plugin, including configuration details and a brief animated demo, can be found at: https://github.com/reedes/vim-textobj-quote
install details
Install using Pathogen, Vundle, Neobundle, or your favorite Vim package manager.

To support typographic characters as text objects, the following dependency should be installed. (Strongly recommended.)

vim-textobject-user - a Vim plugin to create your own text objects without pain

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-textobj-quote-0.7.zip 0.7 2014-02-08 7.3 Reed Esau Command naming now more consistent.
vim-textobj-quote-0.6.zip 0.6 2014-02-08 7.3 Reed Esau Rewrite that implements previous character detection with regex.
vim-quotable-0.5.zip 0.5 2014-01-18 7.3 Reed Esau Add bulk replace feature. See README for details.
vim-quotable-0.4.zip 0.4 2014-01-15 7.3 Reed Esau Performance optimizations for educate mode; removed advanced educate mode due to incompatibilities with autoformat.
vim-quotable-0.3.zip 0.3 2014-01-07 7.3 Reed Esau Fixed problem with educating quotes not working with :set virtualedit=all
vim-quotable.zip 0.2 2013-12-30 7.3 Reed Esau Bugfixes and new advanced mode for educating quotes that provides additional context.
vim-quotable.zip 0.1 2013-12-26 7.3 Reed Esau Initial upload
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