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choowsewin.vim : land to window you choose like tmux's 'display-pane'.

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created by
t9 md
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GitHub : https://github.com/t9md/vim-choosewin

# Land to window you choose~

Aiming to mimic tmux's `display-pane` feature, which enables you to choose
window interactively.

This plugin should be useful especially when you are working on high
resolution wide display.
Since with wide display, you are likely to open multiple window and
moving around window is a little bit tiresome.

This plugin make window excursion simplify.

1. display window label on statusbar
2. read input from you.
3. you can land to window you choose
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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-choosewin-1.5.zip v1.5 2015-01-20 7.0 t9 md 2015-01-20: v1.5
- verup again because of document mistake.
2015-01-20: v1.4
- verup
- [new] land to previous window suggested by @collinpeters
- [enhance] remove swap virtual keymap, now its incorporate into
  keymap within choosewin.
- [new] create 'ChooseWinSwap' command, you don't necessarily need
  this command since you can choose 'swap' within standard 'Choosewin'
  command, simply sintax sugar.
- [improve] now overlay consider offset of |windowcol()|.
- [new] introduce <Plug>(choosewin-swap-again) feature.
- [new] introduce <Plug>(choosewin-swap) feature.
- [new] add 'noop' option for api-only call
- [new] add hook feature for filter_window before label_show()
- [new] g:choosewin_active auto set variable intended within
  &statuline plugin(such as disabling trailing space warning).
- [improve] disble cursorline while overlay
- [new-feature] now support 'small' font for overlay and configurable
  size you prefer. by default 'auto' mode determine font size based on
vim-choosewin-1.3.zip v1.3 2014-01-11 7.3 t9 md 2014-01-11: v1.3
- [verup] v1.3
- [improve] provide '<NOP>" special action to disable default keymap.
- [improve] greatly improve overlay rendering with new pattern
  compilation x2 faster now.
- [improve] disable trailing white space highlight internally.
- [improve] performance and effectiveness improve by avoiding
  unnecessary append blankline.
- [improve] treat first_path() case as consistent manner.
- [improve] eliminate invalid window at initial phrase
vim-choosewin-1.2.zip v1.2 2014-01-09 7.3 t9 md 2014-01-09: v1.2
- verup
2014-01-09: v1.1
- [improve] now undo history cleared when undolist is empty.
- [improve] recover poslist properly in overlay mode
- [bugfix] for buffer buftype=nowrite,nofile, buffer was not recovered
  since &modified flag is ignored.
vim-choosewin-1.0.zip v1.0 2014-01-08 7.3 t9 md now stabilized new window overlay feature which completely emulate tmux's display-pain by using matchadd().
see https://github.com/t9md/vim-choosewin for gif animation.

2014-01-08: v1.0
- [improve] Add multibyte workaround.
- [improve] now overlay not break since &conceallevel = 0 temporarily
- [bugfix] validate valid winnum and number of label
- [improve] disable fold, wrap, list adviced by manga-osyo.
- [improve] separate keymap variable
- [bugfix] properly clear label on tabswitch
- [refactor] and stabilize
- [bugfix] Number of tab exceed length of |g:choosewin_tablabel| cause
- [bugfix] Experimental overlay caption break redo history.
  now, keep undolist with |:rundo|, |:rundo|.
- [improve] cleanup highlight management.
- [new] add experimental overlay window caption.
- [bugfixed] Number of tab exceed length of |g:choosewin_tablabel|
  cause error.
- [new-feature] last four char for |g:choosewin_tablabel|is used for
  special tab excursion.
- [bugfix] choosing tab and <Esc> don't revert original tab.
- now blinking cursor word at land so that easy to spot cursor.
- [api-change] add auto-choose optional args for choowsewin#start()
  suggested by hrsh7th
vim-choosewin-0.8.zip 0.8 2013-12-29 7.3 t9 md Now you can choose tab!
You can check animated GIF on
vim-choosewin-0.6.zip 0.6 2013-12-28 7.3 t9 md Initial upload
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