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vim-plug : Minimalist Vim Plugin Manager

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Junegunn Choi
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vim-plug is a minimalist Vim plugin manager with the fast parallel installer.

Project home:

  Open your .vimrc and write down the list of plugins between plug#begin() and plug#end()

        call plug#begin('~/.vim/plugged')

        Plug 'junegunn/seoul256.vim'
        Plug 'junegunn/vim-easy-align'
        Plug 'scrooloose/nerdtree', { 'on':  'NERDTreeToggle' }
        Plug 'tpope/vim-fireplace', { 'for': 'clojure' }
        " ...

        call plug#end()

  Reload it and :PlugInstall to install the plugins, :PlugUpdate to update them.
  :PlugClean will remove unused plugins, and :PlugUpgrade will update vim-plug itself.

  Parallel installation only works if your Vim is compiled with Ruby or Python support.
install details
Download plug.vim and put it in ~/.vim/autoload/

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
plug.vim 0.8.0 2015-12-24 7.0 Junegunn Choi New features:
  - Added `commit` option for fine-grained version control
  - Fixed issues with parallel installer on Windows and enabled it by default

  - Changed `PlugSnapshot` to create Vim script using the new commit hash support
  - `PlugDiff` shows pending updates for plugins locked on `commit` or `tag`
  - Enhanced output format of post-update hooks

Issues resolved:
  - Fixed Ruby installer to unshallowed tagged plugin on update (#350)
  - Fixed output format of Neovim installer (#340)
  - Remapped `q` in plug window to `bd` (#336)
  - Fixed freeze in Python installer (#318)
  - Case-sensitive validation of `on` arguments (#314)
  - Fixed post-update hook not to run on error
  - Fixed `for` option to load syntax files (#272)
  - Fixed UnicodeDecodeError from Python installer (#262)
  - `set nomodifiable` on commit preview window (#255)
plug.vim 0.7.2 2015-05-30 7.0 Junegunn Choi - Parallel installer for Python 2.6+ and 3.0+
- Added support for Neovim Python
- Shallow clone by default
- PlugUpgrade using git
- Trigger User autocmd when plugin is loaded on-demand
- Do not add `git::@` to URI if git 2.3.0 or above is found
- Bug fixes and improvements
plug.vim 0.6.2 2014-12-12 7.0 Junegunn Choi - Fixed issues with NeoVim (#118, #127)
- Fixed to remove any existing ODL triggers (#130, #132)
- Fixed to check for full match of command name when setting ODL triggers (#135)
- Minor improvements and fixes (#123, #131, #135)
plug.vim 0.6.1 2014-10-27 7.0 Junegunn Choi 0.6.1:
- Fixed PlugUpgrade on Neovim (#111)
- Changed not to suppress messages from ftplugin when loaded on-demand (#112)
- PlugInstall or PlugUpdate will now install frozen plugins as well (#113)
- Fixed not to yield empty path elements in &rtp (#114)

- Asynchronous parallel installer for Neovim
- Added PlugSnapshot command
- Fixed PlugClean not to remove unmanaged plugins inside g:plug_home
plug.vim 0.5.7 2014-09-25 7.0 Junegunn Choi Minor bug fixes and improvements

- Resolve symlinks in path to plug.vim (#67)
- `syntax enable` instead of `syntax on`
- Refactor PlugUpgrade (#72)
- Remove plugin directory on failure during installation (#75)
- Add `U` keybinding for updating plugins (#79)
- Use blackhole register when deleting lines
- Expand argument to plug#begin (#82)
- Suppress error messages from `which` command
- Improve &runtimepath mgmt (#85, #88)
- Enable syntax only during startup
plug.vim 0.5.6 2014-09-04 7.0 Junegunn Choi - Added `g:plug_window` (#57)
- Changed URL for `PlugUpgrade` (#58)
- Added `g:plug_url_format` (#62)
- Fixed PlugDiff with git config `pull.rebase=true` (#64)
- Fixed commit review of `PlugDiff` when directory changed on BufEnter/BufLeave (#65)
- Changed not to print message after PlugUpdate when there was no update (#66)
plug.vim 0.5.5 2014-08-16 7.0 Junegunn Choi 0.5.2:
- Added `PlugInstall!` and `PlugUpdate!` for forced-run of post-update hooks

- Added `-bar` option to the commands so that they can be written one line
  with BARs. e.g. `PlugClean! | PlugInstall`
- Fixed `PlugUpgrade` so that a restart (or reload of .vimrc) is not required
  even when a very old version of vim-plug is upgraded
- Removed redundant code for creating of `g:plug_home` directory

- Added plug#helptags()
- Added plug#load(name...)
- Updated `:PlugStatus` to show which plugins are not yet loaded
    - You load them with `L` key (visual range allowed)
- Updated `:PlugDiff` to allow reverting the update with `X` key

- Use `git::` prefix to avoid password prompt on git 1.7 (#56)
- Allow Plug command even when git executable is not found (#52)
plug.vim 0.5.1 2014-07-31 7.0 Junegunn Choi - Bug fixes and performance optimization.
- Removed support for Plugfile
plug.vim 0.4.0 2014-07-23 7.0 Junegunn Choi - Added support for locally-managed plugins
    - Plug expression should start with either `/`, `~`, or `$`
- Added `frozen` option for not updating/installing unless explicitly specifed
- Errors during help tag generation will be ignored
- Automatic retrial on timeout
- Added `R` keybinding for retrying failed update/installation
- Workaround for screen freeze problem on GUI MacVim
plug.vim 0.3.5 2014-07-09 7.0 Junegunn Choi - Implemented <Plug>-based on-demand loading
- Fixed `after` directory and `Plugfile` on Windows
- Removed extraneous FileType events on filetype-based on-demand loading
plug.vim 0.3.4 2014-06-24 7.0 Junegunn Choi Bug fixes and improvements
plug.vim 0.3.3 2014-06-22 7.0 Junegunn Choi Bug fix in FT-based ODL
plug.vim 0.3.2 2014-06-21 7.0 Junegunn Choi 0.3.2
- Clear #filetypeplugin for filetype-based ODL (#24)
- Allow updating subset of plugins
- Allow -range in on-demand loading commands
- Allow trailing comment after Plug declaration (#23)
plug.vim 0.3.1 2014-06-17 7.0 Junegunn Choi - Initialize git submodule
- Filetype-based on-demand loading
plug.vim 0.3.0 2014-04-23 7.0 Junegunn Choi Bug fixes and improvements
plug.vim 0.2.0 2014-02-12 7.0 Junegunn Choi Added support for on-demand loading of plugins
plug.vim 0.1.0 2014-01-12 7.3 Junegunn Choi Initial upload
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