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CopySel : Extract arbitrary selections to workfile

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created by
Michael Fitz
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The idea for wirting this script came up as I have to maintain an old but very huge and undocumented program in which some messages was produced depending on its number by simple do a 'CALL FEHLER(nnn);' where nnn was a number.

Unfortunately this calls weren't in order and coded somewhere between approx 12000 lines of code, and it was necessary to have the numbers unique of course but some weren't, and there were approx 400 numbers used.

So I thaught about how I could get just the numbers and nothing else to examine them, and this made the script CopySel, which does I needed.

There are 2 versions I supply:
The comfortable version uses my VDLGBX.DLL (vimscript #755).
The 'nude' version simple uses your last search and is stuck to th q-register.

How to use:
1) do a locate using the pattern you want to extract (if necessary use \zs and \ze to limit the selection to an interesting part of your pattern)
2) :call CopySel(1) [using VDLGBX] or CopySel(0)
3) press @q für copying, n for jumping to next selection

install details
Simple copy the version you want in your plugin-folder.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
CopySel.VIM 1.2 2014-02-26 6.0 Michael Fitz Missing assignment when using without VDLGBX
Some minor improvements and bugfixes
CopySel.VIM 1.1 2014-01-29 6.0 Michael Fitz Only one version with/without VDLGBX (see script for details)
Some minor improvements and bugs fixed
CopySel.zip 1.001 2014-01-25 6.0 Michael Fitz Some error I've detected just now
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