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svnj.vim : vim svn plugin (subversion svn ) and browser

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juneed ahamed
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VIM (VIM 7 and up) plugin for subversion (svn)

Support for svn add,commit, view logs, diff, checkout and browsing the repository, working copy, bookmarks plus more

keywords: svn vim subversion SVN

Repo :    https://github.com/juneedahamed/svnj.vim

screenshots  :  

Supported operations
     svn add, commit, log, status, diff, blame, list, info, co

1. SVNAdd [<file>|<dir>|%]
    Add and Commit File(s)/Directories to svn repo. SVNAdd is supported as a command and also as an
    operation from SVNStatus and SVNBrowse output. Available options are to just add or add and commit

2. SVNCommit[!] [<file>|<dir>|%]
     Performs svn commit. A new buffer will be opened to accept comments. The buffer will list
     the files which are candidates for commit. Files/Directories can also be updated in this buffer.
     A commit can be forced with no comments with a bang. SVNCommit is supported as a command and
     also as an operation from the SVNStatus|SVNBrowseWorkingCopy|SVNBrowseBuffer output window.

3. SVNBlame [<file>|<dir>|%]
     Vertically splits the blame info for the file in bufffer. Scrollbinds to the file.

4. SVNStatus [ <dir> | . [q] [u]]
     Get the output of svn status. With the listed files in the split buffer which states the filename
     and status, the following are few of the operations supported
       - Open file under cursor or all
       - SVN info, SVN Diff
       - SVN Commit selected/marked files, opens a commit log for accepting comments (svn ci)
       - SVN Add selected/marked files as new repo elements (svn add)

5. SVNLog [<file> | <dir> | . | % [,nooflogs]]
     Lists the log for the current file in buffer.  The output displays the revision, author, comments
     and the revision when the branch was created. With the revisions listed can diff the required
     revisions with the file in buffer. Also provides mechanism to diff the file across branches/trunk.
     A menu will be displayed to list revisions from available branches and trunk. This requires that
     g:svnj_branch_url and g:svnj_trunk_url be defined.

     - Diff revision(s) from current working copy or across branches/trunk
     - List Affected/Modified files for the revision (most useful with dirs)
     - SVN Diff :HEAD | :PREV  with selected revision (most useful with dirs)
     - Open marked revisons or revison under cursor as new file - newbuffer or vspilt
     - View SVN Info and Log of revision

6. SVNDiff
   Immediate diff the file in buffer with the previous revision. If there are more than one file in
   buffer Ctrl-n/Ctrl-p will close the current diff and move to the next/prev file in buffer.

7. SVNBrowse
   Browse the svn repository, working copy files, buffer files, favorites, bookmarks

     - SVNBrowse
         This command brings up a menu of available options for browsing.
     - SVNBrowseRepo [<dir>|/]
         This command lists files/directories from the repository. The current directory should be
         a working copy for the plugin to pick up the svn path.
     - SVNBrowseWorkingCopy [<dir>]
         This command lists files/directories from the current directory.
     - SVNBrowseMyList
         This command lists files/directories specified using g:svnj_browse_mylist see
         :help g:svnj_browse_mylist
     - SVNBrowseBookMarks
           While browsing the repo/working copy you can bookmarks the dir/files
           All of the book marked files will be listed as output.
           These bookmarked files/dirs are available only for the current vim session unless caching
           is enabled, Once vim is closed all bookmarks are lost if caching is not enabled.
           List the files from Buffer

     Cache for browsing:
         The caching feature is off by default, On enabling the caching the listing of files for
     SVNBrowseRepo and SVNBrowseWorkingCopy will be faster. There are many levels at which the caching
     can be enabled see help:g:svnj_cache_dir

    Some of the operations supported are
      - Recursive/Non-recursive listing of files from directory
      - Open file(s) in new buffer or vertical split
      - Navigate up/down the directory, Jump to Respository Root/Working Root/Home where applicable
      - SVN info, SVN Log
      - Bookmark the dir/file. To persist the bookmarks across sessions see :help g:svnj_browse_bookmarks_cache
      - SVN Checkout (svn co)
          Hint : Use Bookmarks or MyList feature to store the repo root so that can be browsed
                 when need to checkout.  
      - SVN Copy (Paste) the selected urls to new dir location, (svn cp)
          The paste on repo requires a commit so a buffer will be opened to enter comments for the commit
      - SVN Add, SVN Commit

8. SVNCommits [ <dir> | . | [,nooflogs]]
      Get the list of files checked in across project revision. This command lists the output of svn log
      of the project directory.  

9. SVNClearCache
     The cache/persistency is not enabled by default. please see :help SVNClearCache for more info.

10. SVNInfo [<file> | <dir> | % | . ]
     Will display svn info.

Recomended settings at .vimrc

let g:svnj_custom_statusbar_ops_hide = 1
    Supported operations are listed on the status line of the svnj_window. With growing support for
    many commands, recomend to hide it. You can still have a quick glance of supported operations by
    pressing ?

let g:svnj_browse_cache_all = 1
    This enables caching, Listing of files will be faster, On MAC/Unix the default location is $HOME/.cache.
    A new directory svnj will be created in the specified directory.

    For windows this option must be specified along with the cache dir
    let g:svnj_cache_dir="C:/Users/user1"

let g:svnj_branch_url = ["svn://";, "svn://";]
    This settings when available will provide menu's to navigate available branches and tags for SVNLog

let g:svnj_trunk_url = "svn://";;
    This settings when available will provide menu's to navigate trunk files for SVNLog

Global Options  :help svnj-options and :help svnj-customize

+  g:svnj_max_logs, g:svnj_max_open_files, g:svnj_max_diff,
    g:svnj_window_max_size, g:svnj_warn_branch_log, g:svnj_browse_max_files_cnt,
    g:svnj_browse_repo_max_files, g:svnj_sticky_on_start, g:svnj_send_soc_command

+ g:svnj_browse_cache_all, g:svnj_browse_bookmarks_cache, g:svnj_browse_repo_cache,
   g:svnj_browse_workingcopy_cache, g:svnj_browse_cache_max_cnt

+ g:svnj_signs, g:svnj_ignore_files,

+ g:svnj_browse_mylist

+ g:svnj_branch_url, g:svnj_trunk_url

+ g:svnj_custom_fuzzy_match_hl, g:svnj_custom_menu_color, g:svnj_custom_error_color,
   g:svnj_custom_prompt_color, g:svnj_custom_statusbar_hl, g:svnj_custom_statusbar_title
   g:svnj_custom_statusbar_title, g:svnj_custom_statusbar_ops_hl,
   g:svnj_custom_statusbar_sel_hl, g:svnj_custom_statusbar_ops_hide,
   g:svnj_custom_sticky_hl, g:svnj_custom_commit_files_hl, g:svnj_custom_commit_header_hl

Basic Usage:
    Run from vim command line
    :SVNBrowse  ,   :SVNBrowseWorkingCopy ,  :SVNBrowseRepo, :SVNBrowseBookMarks , :SVNBrowseMyList
    :help svn
install details
Options 1: (Pathogen Users)
    cd ~/.vim/bundle
    unzip svnj.vim.1.0.zip

Option 2:
    Download to some folder

    unzip svnj.vim.1.0.zip
    cp -r svnj.vim/plugin/*  ~/.vim/plugin    
    cp -r svnj.vim/autoload/* ~/.vim/autoload
    cp -r svnj.vim/doc/*  ~/.vim/doc

    Run at vim's command :helptags doc

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
svnj.vim.1.0.zip 1.0 2015-02-07 7.0 juneed ahamed + Added Ctrl Up Arrow and Ctrl Down Arrow in diff window to diff with old, new
      revisions of the file

+ Added ! option for SVNDiff
+ Added authentication support, please refer to :help svnj-authentication

+ Now the cursor remembers the last selection in SVNLog
    Example SVNLog <dir>
    outputs is svn log of <dir>, then use Ctrl-a to see affected files. In the affected files
    window to go back press Ctrl-u, The window displays the last window with the
    last visted log

+ Now the cursor is placed on the directory when navigating upwards during browse ops
+ Bug fixes
     Now remembers the previous window and the cursor is place in the correct
     window when the svnj window is closed

+Changed setting g:svnj_custom_statusbar_ops_hide = 1 as default
+Changed settings g:svnj_max_logs = 50 as default
svnj.vim.0.9.zip 0.9 2014-07-27 7.0 juneed ahamed NEW,
  SVNAdd (svn add), SVNCommit (svn ci) , Checkout (svn co), Copy (svn copy) and
  stop-on-copy for svn log, SVNBrowseBuffer

+ SVNAdd
  As a command SVNAdd or operation from SVNStatus, SVNBrowse. Provides option to add and commit
  or just add the elements to repository.

+ SVNCommit
   Can execute :SVNCommit , will commit file in buffer or files/dirs passed as
   + Added commit as operation for SVN Status and SVNBrowse
     select the required files from SVNStatus | SVNBrowseWorkingCopy | SVNBrowseBuffer
     output and press Ctrl-z, this will bring up the commit log

+ SVNBrowseBuffer

+ SVN Log
   1. Now shows the --stop-on-copy revision on the status bar as "S@"revision_num
        This will be the revision number when the working copy was created.
        Those who prefer not want to see this info can opt to not
        send this command by setting g:svnj_send_soc_command to 0
   2. Added Ctrl-h : Brings up svn diff passing :HEAD to selected revision
   3. Added Ctrl-p : Brings up svn diff passing :PREV to selected revision

   Now simplifies the operation of finding all changes to current directory

   At vim execute :SVNLog .
   The title now shows the s@ revision
   Go to the said revision and press Ctrl-h

+ SVN Status has following new ops
   + Select All
   + Commit selected
   + Add selected files to repo

+ SVNBrowse commands has following new ops
   + Add (svn add)
   + Commit  (svn ci)
   + Copy (svn cp)
   + Checkout (svn co)

+ Added operation to checkout to browse operation (should be a respository browse)
   Hint : Use bookmarks, mylist feature to store the repository root and then
   check out from there

+ SVNInfo now takes arguments

+ Added options g:svnj_send_soc_command, g:svnj_custom_commit_files_hl,
+ Now providing browser to select file when doing a file diff in SVNLog
  across branches/trunk when svnj fails to create a proper svn url.
  Now not using svn list -r command to hunt down the file.
svnj.vim.0.8.zip 0.8 2014-05-17 7.0 juneed ahamed + NEW Highlights:  
     Sticky (Ctrl-s), Browsing(Ctrl-h), Diffed files(Ctrl-q)
     Bookmark files listed in SVNStatus window
     Browsing recursive up, Vertical split
     Number of logs to display as argument where applicable
     SVNBlame binds
     Fuzzzy speed improvements
     Quick glance operation using "?"
     New options g:svnj_sticky_on_start, g:svnj_window_max_size
                 g:svnj_custom_sticky_hl, g:svnj_warn_branch_log

+ STICKY, Now can have the svnj window remain on after file selections. Useful
  for doing multiple operations on different files/directories.

  Ctrl-s toggles the STICKY behavior. This operation is available for all
  SVNJ commands which brings up the svnj window.

  If you like the sticky behavior and would like to start as default on use
  the option g:svnj_sticky_on_start as 1 default is 0. At .vimrc
   let g:svnj_sticky_on_start = 1

+ Added Ctrl-q to the files diffed from SVNJWindow. Press Ctrl-q on the diffed
  file. If the sticky is enabled on svnj window, the control/cursor will land back
  on the svnj window.  Very helpfull when need to diff/compare a few versions for
  a given file. See an example usage above as |How to use sticky and Ctrl-q|

+ Speed up fuzzy search

+ Added Ctrl-h to browsing, Takes to repository root if the current directory is
  a revisioned else to Working copy root if working copy. If at working copy
  the first Ctrl-h jumps to Working copy root and again the second Ctrl-h jumps
  to $HOME. Save a few keystorkes

+ Now can bookmark status output, the file/dir will can be bookmarked to open and
  operate on later

+ SVNLog, SVNCommits takes in an optional numeric values as the number of logs to
  display, When not provided will use the default or the value specified
  in g:svnj_max_logs

+ Browsing recursive, If navigating downwards was recursive so will be the upward
  navigation and vice versa

+ Added Ctrl-v to open as vertical split

+ SVNBlame now scrollbinds to file.  When the cursor in the blame buffer is moved
  the file on the right buffer will be in sync with the blame file

+ Added g:svnj_window_max_size to handle the size of svnj window

+ Added F5 to redraw buffer

+ Added "?" as help display supported operations. Now can disable the
  operations using
   let g:svnj_custom_statusbar_ops_hide = 1
  and then use ? to bring out the supported operations for a quick glance

+ Added Ctrl-i for log output to display info and log (Useful if the comments are

+ Bookmark sign is shown while browsing bookmarks list, now its easier to unbook
+ Fixed filename/dirs with spaces/special chars.
svnj.vim.0.5.zip 0.5 2014-04-19 7.0 juneed ahamed FIXED:
  + statusline getting disappeared in few scenarios  

  + Added BrowseWorkingCopyRec
     - This command recusrively lists file, avoids a few key strokes
  + BrowseWorkingCopy[Rec] command now works for local files/directories also,
     The svn commands like show logs will report error if the selected entry is not
     an svn entity, Other operations like open should work
  + Supported Ctrl-Enter for BrowseMenu on Repo and Workingcopy , saves again few keystorkes
  + OpenAll [Ctrl-o ] operation in case of Browse, Status and Commits will honor the filter,
    Files shown only on the buffer will be candidates to be opened
  + Added Ctrl-i for browsed and stats file, this lists the svn info of file/dir
  + Enhanced file fetcher, limits the depth/number of files fetched
  + status line shows number for files selected/marked
  + Added more customization options
     g:svnj_custom_statusbar_ops_hl, g:svnj_custom_statusbar_ops_hide,
svnj.vim.0.4.zip 0.4 2014-04-13 7.0 juneed ahamed   + Added support to browse the entire svn using |SVNBrowse| command
  + Added support to browse the working directory using |SVNBrowseWorkingCopy| command
  + Added support for permanent bookmarks see g:svnj_browse_mylist
  + Added support for multiple branches at g:svnj_branch_url
        - Hint svn tag  
  + Added support to navigate entire SVN without any configuration
     NOTE: Using configuration options like g:svnj_browse_mylist and g:svnj_branch_url
           will help navigate faster.  Again g:svnj_branch_url supports coma seperated
  + Added sign(s) for file/logs selection
  + Added support for customization
     use    :help svnj-customize
  + Added following Key Mapping
        |Ctrl-t|  : Go to start
        |Ctrl-u|  : Go up
  + Added more files to ignore list
  - Removed |SVNList|, |SVNListRec| in favor of SVNBrowse and SVNBrowseWorkingCopy and

   Known Issue.
   1. Marking/Selecting the file/directory using Ctrl-Space highlights the line
      Later navigating away from the path say going up the directory and recusrive list
      of contents donot highlights the line though remembers the marked file and open/diffs
      the file. (Will Fix later)
svnj.vim.0.3.zip 0.3 2014-03-26 7.0 juneed ahamed + Added Fuzzy search at filter
    NOTE:  Needs vim with python for fuzzy search

+ Added SVNList, SVNListRec

+ Stream lined operations
+ Added option to open files without splits
+ Bug fixes
svnj.vim.zip 0.1 2014-03-13 7.0 juneed ahamed Initial upload
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