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vim-bookmarks : bookmark and annotate lines of code

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Mattes Dev
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This vim plugin allows toggling bookmarks per line. A quickfix window gives access to all bookmarks. Annotations can be added as well. These are special bookmarks with a comment attached. They are useful for preparing code reviews. All bookmarks will be restored on the next startup.


* Toggle bookmarks per line ⚑
* Add annotations per line ☰
* Navigate all bookmarks with quickfix window
* Bookmarks will be restored on next startup
* Bookmarks per working directory (optional)
* Fully customisable (signs, sign column, highlights, mappings)
* Integrates with Unite's quickfix source if installed
* Works independently from vim marks

More details on GitHub:
install details
Use your favorite plugin manager:

git clone https://github.com/MattesGroeger/vim-bookmarks.git ~/.vim/bundle/vim-bookmarks

1. Add Plugin 'MattesGroeger/vim-bookmarks' to .vimrc
2. Run :PluginInstall

1. Add NeoBundle 'MattesGroeger/vim-bookmarks' to .vimrc
2. Run :NeoBundleInstall

1. Add Plug 'MattesGroeger/vim-bookmarks' to .vimrc
2. Run :PlugInstall

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-bookmarks-1.3.0.zip 1.3.0 2014-08-31 7.0 Mattes Dev * [feature] Store bookmarks per project #54
* [enhancement] Integration with Unite, if installed #56
vim-bookmarks-1.2.0.zip 1.2.0 2014-07-25 7.0 Mattes Dev * [feature] Automatically close bookmarks' quickfix split. #45
* [enhancement] Shortcut `ma` should be a toggle #51
* [enhancement] Consistently named Commands #49
* [enhancement] Silent loading and saving of bookmarks (for extensions) #46
* [enhancement] Better positioning of "show all bookmarks" window #41
* [bugfix] Single quotation mark in annotation causes loss of saved bookmarks #53
* [bugfix] Unprinted signs at file loading #40
vim-bookmarks-1.1.0.zip 1.1.0 2014-05-04 7.0 Mattes Dev * [enhancement] Center bookmarks when jumping to them #37
* [bugfix] Should not show error on invalid buffers #39
vim-bookmarks-1.0.0.zip 1.0.0 2014-04-05 7.0 Mattes Dev * [feature] Allow saving/loading bookmarks from/to file #31
* [feature] Support text annotations #29
* [feature] Delete bookmarks in all buffers #24
* [feature] Persist bookmarks automatically #5
* [enhancement] Sort files in quickfix list alphabetically #26
* [enhancement] Don't jump to first bookmark when opening quickfix window #18
* [bugfix] Adding bookmark in new/unsaved buffer fails #30
* [bugfix] Bookmarks on empty lines show up wrong in quickfix window #25
vim-bookmarks-0.2.0.zip 0.2.0 2014-03-23 7.0 Mattes Dev * [feature] Jump to first non-blank character in line
* [enhancement] Load sub-script(s) only if bookmarks are used
* [enhancement] Improve load times
* [bug] Allow editing files without breaking bookmark jumps
* [bug] Line preview in quickfix window doesn't work for closed/previous buffer
vim-bookmarks-0.1.0.zip 0.1.0 2014-03-16 7.0 Mattes Dev Initial upload
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