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repeatable-motions.vim : Make most motions repeatable

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created by
Mohammed Chelouti
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While the motions f/F and t/T can be repeated with , and ; the default key mapping is not
only unintuitive it also requires the user to remember in what direction s/he moved with the previous f/t motion.

This nuisance brought me to rethink the idea of repeatable motions and resulted
in this plugin.

repeatable-motions.vim makes most default motions repeatable in an easy and
intuitive way. Perform a motion once (such as f) and repeat it simply with
<C-h> to the left and <C-l> to the right. The direction is always what you'd expect, no more remembering if you used f or F.

Additionally repeatable-motions.vim distinguishes between vertical and horizontal
motions. So [M can be repeated with <C-j> and <C-k> while still remembering your
previous horizontal movement.

Motions that are being repeated behave like normal motions, support counts and can be used in
operation-pending as well as visual-mode.

Everything works out of the box and making your own motion
repeatable is as easy as calling AddRepeatableMotion("<Up>", "<Down>", 1).
Buffer-, expression- and custom mappings are all handled without further ado.
install details
Extract into ~/.vim
Run :helptags ~/.vim/doc in vim

Or use a plugin manager (Vundle, Pathogen, vim-addon-manager)

If you want to change the default key mappings to repeat motions see :help repeatable-motions-mapping.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
repeatable-motions.zip 1.2 2017-07-14 7.0 Mohammed Chelouti Bugfixes:
- Rectify inaccurate information in help and clear up some ambiguities.
- Fix [' and ]' (and any custom motion containing a single quote) throwing
  an error.

- Added <Plug>ReverseMostRecentMotion to perform most recent motion in
  the oppposite direction.
repeatable-motions.zip 1.1.1 2014-07-26 7.0 Mohammed Chelouti Features:
- Added 'g:repeatable_motions_default_mappings' to disable all default
- Renamed GetPreviouslyPreformedMotion() to |GetPreviouslyPerformedMotion()|.
repeatable-motions.zip 1.1 2014-05-09 7.0 Mohammed Chelouti Bugfixes:
- RemoveRepeatableMotion() can now remove motions containing <Leader>.
- Mappings with special keys (e.g. <Down> or <C-w>) are handled correctly.
- Workaround for t/T now doesn't get stuck on first occurrence unless
  'cpoptions' contains ';'.

- Added functionality to repeat most recent motion in the same direction.
repeatable-motions.zip 1.0 2014-04-07 7.0 Mohammed Chelouti Initial upload
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