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diffchar.vim : Highlight the exact differences, based on characters and words

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Rick Howe
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This plugin has been developed in order to make diff mode more useful. Vim highlights all the text in between the first and last different characters on a changed line. But this plugin will find the exact differences between them, character by character - so called DiffChar.

For example, in diff mode: ( [DiffText], <DiffAdd> )

    (window A) The [quick brown fox jumps over the lazy] dog.
    (window B) The [lazy fox jumps over the quick brown] dog.

this plugin will exactly show the changed and added units:

    (window A) The [quick] <brown >fox jumps over the [lazy] dog.
    (window B) The [lazy] fox jumps over the [quick] <brown >dog.

For details and demo samples, please visit the following git repository: https://github.com/rickhowe/diffchar.vim
install details
Install 'rickhowe/diffchar.vim' by using your plugin manager. Or manually unzip and copy all folders in your ~/.vim or ~/vimfiles.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
diffchar8.0.zip 8.0 2018-11-01 8.0 Rick Howe Introduced a g:DiffMaxLines to be stable the performance independently of the file size. Enhanced to follow a new DiffUpdated event and iwhiteall/iwhiteeol of diffopt option, etc
diffchar7.6.zip 7.6 2018-07-22 7.0 Rick Howe Improved to make DiffChar highlights draw faster.
diffchar7.5.zip 7.5 2018-02-04 7.0 Rick Howe Enhanced to update DiffChar highlights much faster. Improved :EDChar command to show the line number.
diffchar7.4.zip 7.4 2017-12-24 7.0 Rick Howe Fixed to properly update DiffChar highlights while editing.
diffchar7.32.zip 7.32 2017-11-28 7.0 Rick Howe Modified to deal with a deprecated feature and a defect of nvim 2.1.
diffchar7.2.zip 7.2 2017-11-05 7.0 Rick Howe Fixed to map only the keys which have not been mapped.
diffchar7.1.zip 7.1 2017-10-26 7.0 Rick Howe Implemented a workaround for some defects and recent changes of vim.
diffchar7.01.zip 7.01 2017-09-29 7.0 Rick Howe Defined new commands to get and put each difference unit between 2 buffers.
diffchar.vim 1.0 2014-05-02 7.0 Rick Howe Initial upload
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