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Vebugger : frontend for interactive shell debuggers

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Idan Arye
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GitHub repository: https://github.com/idanarye/vim-vebugger

Vebugger is yet another debugger frontend plugin for Vim, created because I wasn't happy with the other debugger plugins I found. Vebugger currently supports GDB, JDB, Mdbg, PDB and RDebug.

Vebugger is developed under Linux. It doesn't work properly under Windows due to lack of PTY support. I have neither plans nor means to support OSX, but I will accept pull requests that add OSX support.
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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vebugger_v1.2.3.zip 1.2.3 2015-05-29 7.3 Idan Arye Fix issue #17 - prevent Vebugger from interfering with the CtrlP window.
vebugger_v1.2.2.zip 1.2.2 2015-01-27 7.3 Idan Arye Fix Vim7.3 compatibility
vebugger_v1.2.1.zip 1.2.1 2015-01-15 7.0 Idan Arye Fix MDbg support in Cygwin
vebugger_v1.2.0.zip 1.2.0 2014-08-29 7.0 Idan Arye * Allow GDB to work with Dlang executables
* Add support for multiple versions of debuggers
* Fix for line stops in GDB
vebugger_v1.1.0.zip 1.1.0 2014-06-04 7.0 Idan Arye This is embarrassing... I forgot to put an important file in the zip...
vebugger_v1.1.0.zip 1.1.0 2014-05-23 7.0 Idan Arye * Add windows support
* Add Mdbg support
* Allow setting paths to executables with global variables
vebugger_v1.0.0.zip 1.0.0 2014-05-19 7.0 Idan Arye Initial upload
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