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vim-ralf-syntax : Syntax highlighting for Synopsys Register Abstraction Layer ralf files

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Amal Khailtash
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Grab the latest dev version from github: https://github.com/amal-khailtash/vim-ralf-syntax.git

### References

* [VMM Register Abstraction Layer User Guide - Mar 2014](https://solvnet.synopsys.com/dow_retrieve/I-2014.03/VCS/ral_user_guide.pdf)
* [UVM Register Abstraction Layer User Guide - Mar 2014](https://solvnet.synopsys.com/dow_retrieve/I-2014.03/VCS/uvm_ralgen_ug.pdf)
* [VMM Register Abstraction Layer User Guide - Jul 2011](http://vmmcentral.org/pdfs/ral_user_guide.pdf)
* [VMM Primer - Using the Register Abstraction Layer - Mar 2008](http://vmmcentral.org/pdfs/using_register_abstract_layer.pdf)
install details
Syntax highlighting for Synopsys Register Abstraction Layer ralf files.

## Installation

_\*Assuming **[VIM_ROOT]** is ~/.vim (on \*nix) or ~/vimfiles (on Windows)_

This syntax file requires Vim 7 or higher and is made up of 2 files:


### Classic Install

* Extract the zip contents to your **[VIM_ROOT]**

### Vundle Install

* Add "Bundle 'vim-ralf-syntax'" to your vimrc

### Pathogen Install

1. Navigate to your **[VIM_ROOT]/bundle** directory
2. git clone https://github.com/amal-khailtash/vim-ralf-syntax.git

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vim-ralf-syntax.zip 1.0 2014-05-21 7.0 Amal Khailtash Initial upload
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