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foldlist : Create a fold list to enable hierarchical file navigation.

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created by
Paul Wei
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This is inspired by the taglist plugin.  The "Fold List" plugin
provides the following features:
1. Opens a vertically split Vim window with a list of folds in
   the current file.
2. Moving through the fold list with the j, k, l, h, moves to the
   associated fold in the file.
3. <CR> jumps between file and fold list.

You can open the foldinst window from a source window by using the ":Flist"
              nnoremap <silent> <F9> :Flist<CR>
Add the above mapping to your ~/.vimrc file.
You can close the taglist window from the taglist window by pressing 'q' or
using the Vim ":q" command.
install details
1. Copy the foldlist.vim script to the $HOME/.vim/plugin directory.  Refer to
   ':help add-plugin', ':help add-global-plugin' and ':help runtimepath' for
   more details about Vim plugins.
2. Restart Vim.
3. You can use the ":Flist" command to open the foldlist window.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
foldlist.vim 1.0.5 2004-12-07 6.0 Paul Wei Change to use tab between levels of folds in fold list.
Fix to work with C commented folds
foldlist.vim 1.0.4 2002-11-28 6.0 Paul Wei Map <cr> in file to return to fold list.
foldlist.vim 1.0.3 2002-11-28 6.0 Paul Wei Fix jumping to multilevel folds.
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