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Dutyl : Coordinate D tools to work together for you

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Idan Arye
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GitHub repository: https://github.com/idanarye/vim-dutyl

Dutyl operates various Dlang tools to help you program D in Vim. Instead of having a separate plugin for each tool, Dutyl can use multiple plugins and use them together - for example, use DUB to get a list of import paths the project is using and pass that list to DCD to get autocompleting for symbols that come from libraries. Dutyl has a module(/plugin) system that allows tools to back up each other - so for example if a project doesn't use DUB, Dutyl can back up reading the import paths from a static configuration file.
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package script version date Vim version user release notes
dutyl_v1.6.0.zip 1.6.0 2016-11-11 7.0 Idan Arye * add signature to :DUddoc
* Allow disabling format and indent with dfmt
* When dub fails, still get the import path in g:dutyl_stdImportPaths
* Remove dub warnings
* echoerr unparsable dscanner output lines
* Fix a bug with tools that use default executable
* Fix sending input to vimproc#system
* Allow registering complex commands for running tools
dutyl_v1.5.3.zip 1.5.3 2015-11-16 7.0 Idan Arye Bugfixes regarding running dcd-server in Linux
dutyl_v1.5.0.zip 1.5.0 2015-04-23 7.0 Idan Arye Format and indent with dfmt
dutyl_v1.4.3.zip 1.4.3 2015-01-04 7.0 Idan Arye Cache import paths queried from DUB
dutyl_v1.4.2.zip 1.4.2 2014-10-17 7.0 Idan Arye * Improve UI for declarations locations with huge lists
* Make configFile's importPaths use project root for resolving full paths
* Add required DCD version to docs
dutyl_v1.4.1.zip 1.4.1 2014-10-07 7.0 Idan Arye Fix Issue 6 - Jumping to a buffer that's open in another window
dutyl_v1.4.0.zip 1.4.0 2014-10-04 7.0 Idan Arye * Support using DCD's `--search` flag.
* Add the DUDCDrestartServer and DUDCDclearCache commands
* Recognize the project's root and run commands there
dutyl_v1.3.1.zip 1.3.1 2014-09-19 7.0 Idan Arye Fixed swapfile error on Windows
dutyl_v1.3.0.zip 1.3.0 2014-09-15 7.0 Idan Arye * Add the `:DUupdateCTags` command for updating the tags file(with Dscanner)
* Make `:DJump` and friends push to the tag stack
* Fix an off by one mistake with byte position calculation
dutyl_v1.2.1.zip 1.2.1 2014-09-14 7.0 Idan Arye Remove dependency on `uniq`
dutyl_v1.2.0.zip 1.2.0 2014-09-13 7.0 Idan Arye * Add :DUsjump, :DUsjump and bang option to ignore context
* Add syntax and style checks using Dscanner
dutyl_v1.1.0.zip 1.1.0 2014-09-03 7.0 Idan Arye * Add DUjump command for jumping to declarations
* Add Dscanner as an option for finding declarations
* (bugfix) Automatically glob and expand the import paths
dutyl_v1.0.1.zip 1.0.1 2014-08-19 7.0 Idan Arye - Add instructions for using with plugin managers.
- Fix the command line string formatting problems.
- Make dutyl#core#bytePosition always use unix file format.
- Fix usage for Windows without VimProc.
- Support both dub.json and package.json as the DUB file.
- Change the DCD server control functions to use call instead of echo.
- Use DUB's --annotate flag to prevent downloading dependencies.
- Register import paths immediately when starting the DCD server.
- Clean import paths from last character if it's a path separator.
dutyl_v1.0.0.zip 1.0.0 2014-08-14 7.0 Idan Arye * Getting the imports list from DUB or from a configuration file
* Autocompletion using DCD
* Finding DDoc using DCD
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