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ab-prefix : Conditionally expand abbreviations on a matching prefix.

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gi1242 gi1242
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# vim-ab-prefix

This plugin provides the ability to define abbreviations that expand only if a particular prefix is matched.

The main reason for writing this plugin was to make typing text into TeX easier. Many default abbreviations for TeX are provided.

## Example.


    By Fourier inversion (th~Finv}),
        \vp(x) = \int_R2 e^{-2\pi i x \cdot \xi} \hat \vp(\xi) dxi.


    By Fourier inversion (theorem~\ref{thmFinv}),
        \varphi(x) = \int_{\R^2} e^{-2\pi i x \cdot \xi} \hat \vp(\xi) \, d\xi.

If you also have the [tex_autoclose](http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=920) plugin installed, then you can type `\en` to close any open environment.

## Links.

* [Github page](https://github.com/gi1242/vim-ab-prefix)
install details
Put the contents of plugin/ in your ~/.vim/plugin directory, the contents of doc/ in your ~/.vim/doc directory.

If you also want the many pre-defined TeX abbreviations, then put the contents of ftplugin/ in your ~/.vim/ftplugin directory.

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