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python_box.vim : menu and easy navigation for python files

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created by
Christoph Herzog
script type
Parts of this script (as indicated in the code) were taken from python.vim,
copyright 2001 Mikael Berthe <mikael.berthe@efrei.fr>.

The script brings together shortcuts and a menu to syntax check
the current file (using the compilerscript for python, python.vim),
some functionality for quickly finding one's way through classes
and functions of a python file (without using exuberant ctags),
some of the nice functionality from Mikael Berthe's python.vim
as well as menu access to some of Benji Fisher's python_match.vim.

Some hints on how to use
The buffer TOC offers a outline of all Python classes and functions of the
current buffer in a seperate vim window. The cursor position in the TOC window
indicates where you are in the original Window containing the Python code.
Press <F5> again (or q) to quit that window without changing the cursor
position in the original window (containing the Python code).
That I find practical when editing a Python file and getting confused
about where I am.
If you want to change your position in the Python file:
Set the cursor in the TOC window to the class/function you want to jump to
then press <RETURN> to go there.
If the TOC windows is split pressing <SPACE> will navigate to the
class/function but the TOC window will remain open and will keep the focus.
Doubleclicking the left mousebutton will have the same effect.
However if the window is not split left doublclicking or pressing <SPACE>
will have the same effect as pressing <RETURN>.
Once the TOC-window looses its focus it is closed immediately so to be out of
the way.
install details
just source or put in ftplugin directory.

Please note that this script needs the python compilerscript "python.vim" as well as "python_match.vim" by Benji Fisher. Both are to be found here among the uploaded scripts. The former should be put in the compiler script directory, the latter should be sourced or placed in the ftplugin directory.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
python_box.vim 0.5 2003-02-01 6.0 Christoph Herzog Some syntax highlighting was added for the outlinebuffer. I think it improves readability here as well.

The outlinebuffer was not always reliably removed when it lost the focus etc. Hopefully this is now fixed.
python_box.vim 0.4 2002-11-30 6.0 Christoph Herzog Initial upload
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