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filestyle : filestyle is a Vim plugin that highlights unwanted whitespace and characters.

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created by
Alexander Serebryakov
script type
**filestyle** automatically checks each opened file.

##### Commands

* `:FileStyleEnable`     - enable plugin globally
* `:FileStyleDisable`    - disable plugin globally
* `:FileStyleActivate`   - enable plugin for current buffer
* `:FileStyleDeactivate` - disable plugin for current buffer
* `:FileStyleCheck`      - check current buffer
* `:FileStyleFix`        - fix style errors

##### Highlighting rules

1. If `'expandtab'` is set, highlight tabs (RED), if not, highlight spaces at
   the beginning of a line (YELLOW).
2. Highlight trailing spaces (CYAN)
3. Highlight line parts that exceed `'textwidth'` (INVERT)
4. Highlight control characters (BLUE)

##### FileStyleFix rules

1. Remove control characters
2. Remove trailing spaces
3. If `'expandtab'` is set, replace tabs with spaces, if not, replace spaces
   at the beginning of a line with tabs

##### Ignore file types

By default, **filestyle** checks all file types. To ignore a file type, for
example `text`, add the following line to your `.vimrc`:

    let g:filestyle_ignore = ['text']

##### Ignore patterns

**filestyle** allows you to specify patterns that should be ignored. To ignore
a pattern, for example quoted lines starting with `>`, add the following line
to your `.vimrc`:

    let g:filestyle_ignore_patterns = ['^\(> \?\)\+$']

##### Known issues

* **filestyle** cannot detect `'textwidth'` changes. If you change `'textwidth'`,
  execute `:FileStyleCheck` to ensure the new width is used for highlighting long

* Error E315 is be thrown by Vim in case of `'splitbelow'` option is set
  when `'help'` command is called


Source code and issues are hosted on GitHub:



[Apache License, Version 2.0](http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0)


* Alexander Serebryakov, original author ([GitHub](https://github.com/aserebryakov))
* Markus Weimar ([GitHub](https://github.com/Markus00000))
install details

        $ cd ~/.vim/bundle
        $ git clone https://github.com/aserebryakov/filestyle.git


        NeoBundle 'aserebryakov/filestyle'

    Without plugin manager

        Clone this repository and copy the content to your `~/.vim/` directory.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
filestyle-1.2.0.zip 1.2.0 2018-02-26 7.4 Alexander Serebryakov * Added `FileStyleToggle` command
* Fixed the error if default colorscheme is used
filestyle-1.1.2.zip 1.1.2 2015-08-29 7.4 Alexander Serebryakov * Fixed error messages when Vim is started in a narrow terminal
* Fixed tag and version number in help file
filestyle-1.1.1.zip 1.1.1 2015-06-20 7.4 Alexander Serebryakov * Fixed cursor positioning after FileStyleFix call
filestyle-1.1.0.zip 1.1.0 2015-06-13 7.4 Alexander Serebryakov * Added support for user-defined highlight groups
* Fixed issue with tabs switching in INSERT mode
filestyle-1.0.0.zip 1.0.0 2015-05-29 7.4 Alexander Serebryakov * Implemented ignored patterns
* Removed highlighting of trailing spaces in current line when in Insert mode
* Improved order of highlights
filestyle-0.7.1.zip 0.7.1 2015-05-02 7.4 Alexander Serebryakov * Fixed issue with highlighting after colorscheme change
filestyle-0.7.0.zip 0.7.0 2014-12-30 7.4 Alexander Serebryakov * Implemented style errors fixing (experimental)
* Commands enabling/disabling plugin globally were added
* Highlighting of the EOL fixed
* Issue with plugin disabling for specific buffer fixed
filestyle-0.6.1.zip 0.6.1 2014-12-20 7.4 Alexander Serebryakov Fixed compatibility with other plugins if Vundle is used
filestyle-0.6.0.zip 0.6.0 2014-12-16 7.4 Alexander Serebryakov * Configurable list of ignored file types
* Plugin turns off in all windows with current buffer opened
* Added highlighting of control characters
filestyle-0.5.2.zip 0.5.2 2014-12-13 7.4 Alexander Serebryakov Fixed the `undefined variable filestyle_active` error
filestyle-0.5.1.zip 0.5.1 2014-12-08 7.4 Alexander Serebryakov Initial upload
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