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Vim SQL Workbench : Provides sql access from vim to any DBMS

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Cosmin Popescu
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This is an implementation of SQL Workbench/J (http://www.sql-workbench.net/)
in VIM. It works with any DBMS supported by SQL Workbench/J (PostgreSQL,
Oracle, SQLite, MySQL, SQL Server etc.). See the complete list here: http://www.sql-workbench.net/databases.html.

You can connect to any DBMS directly from VIM.


* database explorer (e.g.: table lists, procedures list, views list, triggers
  list), extensible (you can have your own objects list)
* SQL buffer with powerful intellisense autocomplete
* export any sql statement as `text`, `sqlinsert`, `sqlupdate`,
  `sqldeleteinsert`, `xml`, `ods`, `html`, `json`
* search in object source
* search in table or views data
* transactions straight out from VIM
* fully customizable

More details can be found here: https://github.com/cosminadrianpopescu/vim-sql-workbench
install details
Install using any package manager or copying the files inside $HOME/.vim

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 8.1 2018-03-21 7.4 Cosmin Popescu * fixed documentation issues
* added the `CtrlPSW` command (will open CtrlP with the SW profiles)
* added the `CtrlPClearSWCache` command (will parse profiles from scratch
when opening CtrlP)
* fixed the spaces in profiles name (CtrlP will fail if there was a space in
the profile name or in the group name)
* switch back the autocomplete to `<C-x><C-o>` for compatibility with
* fixed case sensitiviness in the column names in the result set (will not
filter or hide columns because of it)
* fixed quote issue in the profile names (having a single quote in a profile
name would break `CtrlP` and any profiles completion)
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 8.0 2017-11-22 7.0 Cosmin Popescu * for autocomplete, added all fields
* for autocomplete, in fields insert, added the db type of the field
* for autocomplete, fixed several bugs (now it's working also for subqueries)
* for autocomplete, improved the caching
* for autocomplete, for insert, in the fields part, once a field is inserted,
the next autocomplete will not return it.
* added autocomplete for macros
* for autocomplete, when a subquery is found, is returned as `subquery`,
instead of `#ALIAS#` in the completion menu
* added the possibility to cache several `wbschemaexports`
* added the possibility to follow all the references of a resultset (which
rows is the current row referecing and which rows from other tables are
referencing the current row): see `SWSqlReferences` and `SWSqlReferencedBy`
* added the possibility to fetch the references tree only until a certain
* for filtering and hiding columns, a new query is sent to the database now
* when in an sql buffer, on an insert, if you are in the fields part, you can
see the corresponding value and when on a value in the values part, you can
see the corresponding column (see SWSqlMatch)
* now, you can execute macros just like a query (so no shortcut for
`SWSqlExecuteMacro`); you can do `<leader>c-<space>` on a macro and is going
to be interpreted correctly
* you can now get the sql behind a macro (see `SWSqlGetMacroSql)
* you can choose now to send to the server the macro `sql` query rather than
the macro (see `g:sw_prefer_sql_over_macro` option)
* when autocompleting the list of columns (for example for `SWSqlFilter`), now
for identical identifiers the table part will be added in paranthesis after
the column name
* now, when filtering, you can directly insert the insert sql part for the
current resultset (see `SWSqlFilter`)
* added the `SWSqlGenerateInsert` command, which will generate an insert which
will be coppied in the clipboard
* commands removed: `SWSqlExecuteMacro`, `SWSqlShowOnlyColumn`,
`SWSqlForeignKey`, `SWSqlFilterColumn`, `SWSqlUnfilterColumn`,
* commands added: `SWSqlReferences`, `SWSqlReferencedBy`, `SWSqlFilter`,
`SWSqlUnfilter`, `SWSqlGenerateInsert`, `SWSqlGetMacroSql`,
* added `dbext` comparison
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 7.1.2 2017-08-08 7.0 Cosmin Popescu * updated the doc to specify the `g:sw_plugin_path` variable
* fixed the `g:sw_cache` variable bug declaration
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 7.1.1 2017-08-06 7.0 Cosmin Popescu * renamed variable `g:sw_autocomplete_cache_dir` to `g:sw_cache`
* fixed issue #24
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 7.1 2017-07-31 7.0 Cosmin Popescu * fixed issue #23
* added `exit` event for the sql buffer
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 7.0 2017-07-27 7.0 Cosmin Popescu * profiles are automatically parsed
* revamped autocomplete: no more commands needed (just set the report option,
see the `schema report` section from the documentation)
* based tables metadata on the schema report generated by `WbSchemaReport`
* added the `report` and `use-report` option to the profiles
* added events in the sql buffer (`new_instance` and `profile_changed`)
* added the possibility to share a buffer connection (see
* added the possibility to go to the reference source in a result set (see the
`SWSqlForeignKey` command)
* removed the `SWSqlAutocomplete...` commands (not necessary anymore)
* in the db explorer added references tree (see `Referenced by` and
`References` options)
* added the `<leader><c-space>` shortcut in the result set window (will
refresh the currently selected result set)
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 6.3 2016-12-23 7.4 Cosmin Popescu * now if you set the g:sw_config_dir, this is also sent to `SQL Workbench/J` (please note that this only works now with build 121.4 and more)
* better folding of the resultsets
* added the possibility to refresh a resultset (see `SWSqlRefreshResultSet`)
* added the possibility to delete a resultset from the resultsets window (see `SWSqlDeleteResultSet`)
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 6.2.1 2016-11-01 8.0 Cosmin Popescu * minor bug fix
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 6.2 2016-11-01 8.0 Cosmin Popescu * added caching for the database explorer
* added folding for the database explorer columns
* added the possibility to kill the current statement
* several fixed when working with channels
* fixed a bug in integration with airline
* merging the pull request 1
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 6.1 2016-09-29 8.0 Cosmin Popescu This version will break the compatibility with VIM 7. So, before installing
this new version, please upgrade to VIM 8.


* fixed the tutorial in the documentation
* added support for neovim
* added events for the database explorer
* added the filter data option for the database explorer objects
* beffer hiding of the empty lines in resultsets with columns hidden
* dropped the support for variables (you should only use `wbvardef` from SQL Workbench)
* now the database explorer will not open by default the first tab (you have to specify which tab you want to open, once the database explorer is connected to a DBMS)
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 6.0 2016-09-25 7.4 Cosmin Popescu This version will break the compatibility with VIM 7. So, before installing
this new version, please upgrade to VIM 8.


* vim8 required
* python not needed anymore
* every operation is now aynchronous
* added the possibility to add a custom panel to an existing tab in the dbexplorer
* fixed the search which was not working
* eliminated the possibility to select columns to display in search (now you can use anyway :SWSqlShoOnlyColumns command)
* logging the interaction with SQL Workbench/J
* added a timer for commands being executed using vim8 timers
* now each buffer has its own connection to the DBMS (this means that each buffer has it's own transaction, also)
* added the possibility to disconnect a buffer from SQL Workbench/J
* integraton with CtrlP
* integration with Airline
* added the possibility to display the current connection in the status line
* added the possibility to check all connected buffers to the DBMS (see SWSqlShowActiveConnections command)
* removed the support for the sessions (it was not that usefull anyway)
* improved the filtering
* now each buffer has it's own resultset
* added the possibility to clear the resultsets for one buffer or for all at once (see SWSqlWipeoutResultsSets command)
* added the possibility to open the resultset window without executing any command
* added SWSqlGetSqlCount (which will return the number of rows of the current sql)
* removed commands: SWDbExplorerRestore, SWSqlConnectToServer, SWSqlBufferRestore
* new commands: SWSqlBufferConnect, SWSqlBufferDisconnect, SWSqlGetSqlCount, SWSqlGetObjRows, SWSqlShowActiveConnections, SWSqlShoLog, SWSqlShowLastResultset
* new options: sw_log_to_file, sw_command_timer
* removed options: sw_search_default_result_columns
* added a default shortcut to execute a macro
* added a default shortcut to get the number of rows for the current sql
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 5.2.2 2016-06-23 7.0 Cosmin Popescu * Added the SWSqlExecuteMacro command
* Changed the trigger sources command (works with `SQL Workbench/J` build 119
and up)
* Updated to work with `SQL Workbench/J` build 119
* Added highlight in the resultset window for Oracle errors
* Added the possibility to save the resultsets (see `SWSqlWipeoutResultsSets`
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 5.2.1 2016-03-04 7.0 Cosmin Popescu * better header display for resultsets
* better folding
* now the command which generated a resultset is displayed in the header
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 5.2 2016-03-03 7.0 Cosmin Popescu * hightlight the resultsets headers (in dbexplorer and sql window)
* possibility to toggle form display in the dbexplorer (see the `SWDbExplorerToggleFormDisplay` command)
* fixed some bugs in the filtering of the rows
* improved the filtering and the hiding of the columns (faster now)
* added the folds in the resultset window (each resulset can be folded now)
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 5.1 2016-02-22 7.0 Cosmin Popescu * possibility to autocomplete server ports
* better display of results for asynchronious results
* better delimiting of the resultsets
* the resultsets are not displayed continous as long as the results window is
* added option to switch to results tab or not
* added support to display resultsets one next to another (not implemented
* added filtering of the resultsets (see the `SWSqlFilterColumn`,
  `SWSqlUnfilterColumn` and `SWSqlRemoveAllFilters` commands)
* added the possibility to hide and show columns (see the
  `SWSqlShowAllColumns`, `SWSqlShowOnlyColumn`, `SWSqlShowOnlyColumns`,
`SWSqlShowColumn` and `SWSqlHideColumn` commands)
* better interactivity with the `SQL Workbench/J` server
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 5.0.1 2015-11-22 7.0 Cosmin Popescu * Added a short tutorial in the documentation
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 5.0 2015-11-18 7.0 Cosmin Popescu * Use the `SQL Workbench/J` profiling instead of the profiling generated in `sqlwbserver`
* Use the `SQL Workbench/J` interactivity. This means:
  * the possibility to use `$[?var]` parameters or `$[&var]` parameters (see http://www.sql-workbench.net/manual/using-variables.html)
  * possible to have profiles without the password being saved in the profile (see http://www.sql-workbench.net/manual/profiles.html#profile-workbench-settings)
  * possible to have profiles without the username being specified int the profile (see http://www.sql-workbench.net/manual/profiles.html#profile-workbench-settings)
  * possible to have confirmation for data editing (see http://www.sql-workbench.net/manual/options.html#options-data-edit)
* renamed the `sqlworkbench` to `sqlworkbench.py`
* moved all `python` resources in the `resources/py` folder
* added a check to return a nice error if you try to run an sql statement from a non sql buffer
* fixed the database explorer (checks before each command that a connection exists and if not opens a new one)

`sqlworkbench.py` is not compatible with `SQL Workbench/J` prior to build 118. To use build 117 and before you have to start `sqlworkbench.py` with the `-O 1` parameter
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 4.0.2 2015-10-28 7.0 Cosmin Popescu * Nicer error when executing operation in a non workbench buffer
* Removed the <C-i> shortcut in the buffer results
* fixed the sqlwbserver to work with h2 databases
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 4.0.1 2015-09-27 7.0 Cosmin Popescu * made the change_tab function public (this means it is now possible to create commands using this function)
* fixed a display results bug
* fixed the utf-8 characters in the results tab
* added the `package status` in the Oracle packages
* added the `-l` option in the sqlwbserver (create a file with detailed debug informations about the requests to the server)
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 4.0 2015-08-20 7.0 Cosmin Popescu * made it compatible with latest SQL Workbench/J build
* now postgresql works by default (no need for another dbexplorer)
* added the possibility to have dbexplorers options per DBMS type
* added the possibility to have a vimscript function called by the dbexplorer
* added some profiling
* better display of error messages
* improved the sqlwbserver (now it should quit gracefully, without errors)
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 3.3 2015-08-15 7.0 Cosmin Popescu * Added the g:sw_switch_to_results_tab option (whether or not to switch to results tab after a command)
* Improvements in the sqlwbserver python console
* Improved documentation, using vim-tools (http://peterodding.com/code/vim/tools)
* Changed the handling of the user defined variables (move towards using WbVarDef)
* Possibility to send command to the DBMS from vim command line. So, now you can have shortcuts for sql queries, like wbdisplay record
* Autocomplete for the WbConnect command
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 3.2.2 2015-08-08 7.0 Cosmin Popescu Small fix: fixed the variables (they were not working with standard modifiers)
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 3.2.1 2015-08-04 7.0 Cosmin Popescu Just a minor release:
* Fixed issue #6
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 3.2 2015-04-23 7.0 Cosmin Popescu * Added the possibility to have multiple columns replaced in the database explorer
* Updated the documentation
* Added the resources/dbexplorer-postgresql.vim database explorer for usage with PostgreSQL
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 3.1.1 2015-04-20 7.0 Cosmin Popescu * fixed issue #9
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 3.1 2015-04-16 7.0 Cosmin Popescu * Added the `SWDbExplorerReconnect` command (for reconnecting a dbexplorer timeout session, where you cannot do `wbconnect`)
* Changed the autocomplete from omni function to userfunction (use `<C-x><C-u>` instead of `<C-x><C-o>` for intellisense autocomplete)
* Fixed github #7 issue
* Set the maximum number of rows to 100 for dbexplorer to the connection lever rather then to each command level
* Fixed github #9 issue
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 3.0 2015-04-01 7.0 Cosmin Popescu * Switch to using sqlwbserver for improved performance
* Lots of new commands (like SWSqlAutocompleteLoad or SWSqlAutocompletePersist).
* added python dependency (needed for using sqlwbserver)
* Some commands became obsolete (like SWSqlOpen)
* fixed issue #4

vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 2.0 2015-03-19 7.0 Cosmin Popescu * Fixed #2 issue
* Added transactions
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 1.3 2015-03-08 7.0 Cosmin Popescu The autocomplete is now persisted on the hard drive. This means that it can be loaded automatically every time you open a buffer for a given profile.

Deprecated methods:


vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 1.2 2015-03-07 7.0 Cosmin Popescu * Added variables (parameter substitution when sending sql queries to the DBMS).
When sending a query to the DBMS, you can use named parameters. For example "select * from table where name = :name". You will be asked to provide the value of the name parameter
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 1.1.3 2015-03-01 7.0 Cosmin Popescu * Solved github issue 5 (https://github.com/cosminadrianpopescu/vim-sql-workbench/issues/5)
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 1.1.2 2015-02-28 7.0 Cosmin Popescu * Improved autocomplete (updated some regex patterns and fixed some small bugs)
* Updated the vim help documentation
* Added the g:sw_delete option
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 1.1.1 2015-02-03 7.0 Cosmin Popescu Fixed issue #3 (see github). For the moment please use SQL Workbench/J build 116 and prior. There seems to be a problem with build 117, but I cannot reproduce it yet.
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 1.1 2015-01-18 7.0 Cosmin Popescu Added asynchronous functionality. Now you can run your commands asynchronous.
Fixed small bugs
vim-sql-workbench.tar.gz 1.0.2 2015-01-12 7.0 Cosmin Popescu Fixed the issue #1 on github + fixed some autocomplete bugs
vim-sqlworkbench.tar.gz 1.0.1 2015-01-09 7.0 Cosmin Popescu Fixed some autocomplete bugs
vim-sqlworkbench.tar.gz 1.0 2015-01-08 7.0 Cosmin Popescu Initial upload
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