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vim-ranger : A vim plugin which uses ranger as explorer

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Tianjiao Yin
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How to use it

It just works.

User Guide

`ranger <http://ranger.nongnu.org/>;`_ is a file manager with VI key bindings.

This plugin is similar to `nerdtree <https://github.com/scrooloose/nerdtree>;`_.
It overrides the default file browser (netrw), so if you :edit a directory a ranger will be opened.
When you open a file in ranger, it will be opened in vim.
You could also select multiple files and open'em all at once (use ``v`` to select multiple files in ranger).
BTW, don't use it with nerdtree at the same time.


You can add ``nnoremap <f3> :tabe %:p:h<cr>`` to your .vimrc so that you could use ``<f3>`` to open new files in new tab.

Known issue

1. (Only for vanilla vim) After opening ranger once and back to vim, you can't use arrow-up/arrow-down to observe vim command line ":" history doesn't work anymore (unless restart vim).
   Workaground: use Ctrl+UP/DOWN to observe history, instead of just UP/DOWN.
2. (Only for neovim) some shortcut don't work, such as "F8", "<c-h>" because of neovim limitation.


ranger >= 1.5.1


This plugin is forked from the official ranger example here:

There are 3 main differences

1. Unlike the original plugin, in my plugin the files are opened in tabs instead of buffers.
2. Ranger will be opened automatically when you :edit a directory. The original plugin requires to execute a vim command to open ranger.
3. My plugin supports neovim.

Copyright (C) 2015 Tianjiao Yin <ytj000@gmail.com>
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package script version date Vim version user release notes
ranger.vim 0.5 2016-07-11 7.0 Tianjiao Yin refactor
ranger.vim 0.4 2015-08-04 7.0 Tianjiao Yin add gvim support
ranger.vim 0.3 2015-03-09 7.0 Tianjiao Yin close window is nothing to read
ranger.vim 0.2 2015-03-09 7.0 Tianjiao Yin update
ranger.vim 0.1 2015-03-09 7.0 Tianjiao Yin Initial upload
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