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vim-compile : Yet another compile plugin for vim

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created by
David Beniamine
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# Readme

## What is this plugin ?

This plugin is a flexible helper for compiling directly from vim. Compilation
and execution command are run using the first avalaible of the following

1. Custom function (see [custom starter](#starter) )
2. [Dispatch](https://github.com/tpope/vim-dispatch)
3. Vim shell escape (`:make` and `:!`)

It also provides an easy and unified way to set and use compilers, and
natively integrate with [vim-latex-suite](http://vim-latex.sourceforge.net/)
compilation settings.

## What is new ?

+   v0.3.1 allows the user to define a cleaning command to use with the custom
    builder. It also adds a few bug fix and two new mappings (clean and
    compile, clean compile and execute, see [mappings](#mappings))

+   Since V0.3, you can now define a custom builder for instance ̀`build.sh`
    with custom build and execute command. Such a builder will be always chosen
    if available, see [custom builder](#builder)

+   Since v0.2.3, vim-compile will try to retrieve the latex main file for
    compilation and execution.

    If latex-suite is activated, it search for a `*.latexmain` file, else it
    looks for a root file line, similar to the following:

        %!TEX root=my_main_file.tex
+   *Note* Since v0.2.2, you need to use `function()` to set a custom starter
+   Since v0.2 you can define a custom function to launch commands (compilation
    and exectuion), see [custom starter](#starter).

## Usage

This plugin provides an easy way to compile and execute any file.

Some compilation and executions rules are predefined for a few filetypes, but the
user can redefine them, see [rules](#rules) for how.

If a `Makefile` exists in the working directory, `make` will be prefered over
the predefined rule. The same way, if a `build.xml` file exists, `ant` will be
prefered. The user can also define a custom builder that will always be
prefered to `make` and `ant`, see [custom builder](#builder)

For latex files, if [vim-latex-suite](http://vim-latex.sourceforge.net/) is
present, the user can choose to overwrite predefined rules with vim-late-suite settings.
Vim-compile will always try to guess if the current file is part of a bigger
latex project either using `*.latexmain` file (see help latex-master-file) or
by searching for a line ̀like `%!TEX root=my_main_file.tex` in the current
file. For these kind of project, vim should be open from the directory
containing the main file.

### Mappings

Some useful Mappings are defined:

+ `<leader>m` Compile

+ `<leader>e` Execute

+ `<leader>me` Compile and execute

+ `<leader>mc` Clean

+ `<leader>mcm` Clean and compile

+ `<leader>mce` Clean, Compile and execute

Some of the mappings are only working with Makefiles:

+ `<leader>mj` Make parallel

+ `<leader>mi` Make install

+ `<leader>mij` Make parallel and make install parallel

+ `<leader>mje` Make parallel and execute

## Configuration

### Rules

Two dictionaries (see :help Dictionary) can be used to modify or add
compilation and execution rules.
For instances adding the following to your vimrc will change the compilation
and execution rules for pandoc files

    let g:VimCompileExecutors={'pandoc' : "firefox %:t:r.html > /dev/null 2>&1",}
    let g:VimCompileCompiler={'pandoc' : "pandoc --smart --standalone --mathml --listings % > %:t:r.html",}

The following variable gives the default execution rule if none are defined
for the filetype:

    let g:VimCompileDefaultExecutor="./%"

To overwrite rules with LaTeX Suite settings, add the following to your vimrc:

    let g:VimCompileUseLatexSuite=1

### Starter

A custom starter function (responsible for starting compilation and execution)
can be provided by setting the following variable:

     let g:VimCompileCustomStarter=function("MyStarterFunction")

A starter functions takes two arguments:

+ the first is the command to execute
+ the second is a character:
    + `'m'` indicate that we are doing an actual compilation
    + `'e'` means that we run a custom command.

For a better understanding of starter functions, there is the default one:

    " Default command starter {{{2
    " Start a command using Dispatch if available or the shell escape
    " Arguments: cmd: the command to execute
    "            type: 'm' if we are doing a compilation, 'e' otherwise
    function! VimCompileDefaultStartCmd(cmd,type)
        if (a:type=='m') " Compilation: use makeprg and :Dispatch or :make
            let &makeprg=a:cmd
            if exists("g:loaded_dispatch")
                let l:launcher=":Dispatch"
                let l:launcher=":make"
        else " Normal command
            let l:cmd=a:cmd
            if exists("g:loaded_dispatch")
                let l:launcher=":Start"
                if (a:cmd=~'^.*&\s*$') " Let Dispatch handle background commands
                    let l:cmd=substitute(a:cmd,'&\s*$','','')
                    let l:launcher.="!"
            else " Simple shell escape
                let l:launcher=":!"
            let l:launcher.=" ".l:cmd
        execute l:launcher

### Builder

Vim-compile allow you to define a custom compilation system which will always
be used if available. For instance if you have a script called `build.sh`, you
can define the following variables in your vimrc (adapt to your needs):

    let g:VimCompileCustomBuilder='build.sh'
    let g:VimCompileCustomBuilderCompile='./build.sh'

You can also define an executor command using this build system:

    let g:VimCompileCustomBuilderExec='./build.sh view'

And of course of command for cleanning the compilation stuff

    let g:VimCompileCustomBuilderClean='./build.sh clean'
More infos at https://github.com/dbeniamine/vim-compile
install details
# Install

## Vizardry

If you have [Vizardry](https://github.com/dbeniamine/vizardry) installed, you
can run from vim:

    :Invoke -u dbeniamine vim-compile

## Pathogen install

    git clone https://github.com/dbeniamine/vim-compile.git ~/.vim/bundle/vim-compile

## Quick install

    git clone https://github.com/dbeniamine/vim-compile.git
    cd vim-compile/
    cp -r ./* ~/.vim

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-compile.tgz 0.3.2 2015-08-22 7.0 David Beniamine + FIX trailing endif in compile function
+ Use autoload to speedup vim startup
vim-compile.tar.gz v0.3.1.1 2015-06-30 7.0 David Beniamine You can now define a custom builder for instance ̀build.sh with custom build execute and clean command. Such a builder will be always chosen if available, see custom builder
vim-compile.tar.gz 0.2.3 2015-06-06 7.0 David Beniamine Since v0.2.3, vim-compile will try to retrieve the latex main file for compilation and execution.
If latex-suite is activated, it search for a *.latexmain file, else it looks for a root file line, similar to the following:
%!TEX root=my_main_file.tex
vim-compile.tar.gz 0.2.2 2015-05-20 7.0 David Beniamine + Use makeprg for compilation (Dispatch and :make)
+ Use funcref for Custom Starter function instead of the ugly if
+ Other code cleaning

Warning: Since v0.2.2 you need to use function() to set a custom starter function !

vim-compile.tar.gz 0.2.1 2015-05-20 7.0 David Beniamine Removed debug echo & sleep
vim-compile.tar.gz 0.2 2015-05-20 7.0 David Beniamine This version provides the user the ability to define a custom starter
function. This function is responsible for starting compilation and execution
command. See :help VimCompile-configuration
vim-compile.tar.gz 0.1.1 2015-05-19 7.0 David Beniamine Small bug fix, cleaner start function + Compatibility with vimux
vim-compile.tar.gz 0.1 2015-03-14 7.0 David Beniamine Initial upload
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