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mrswin.vim : Like mswin, but can be toggled off and on

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created by
Charles Campbell
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Sourcing <mrswin.vim> toggles between <mswin.vim> and normal Vim.  You'll find <mswin.vim> distributed with Vim as


(the leading path may vary).  This file needs to be executed instead of the default <mswin.vim>; every time it is sourced, it toggles between <mswin.vim> and Normal vim mappings and settings.  

It is important that you substitute using <mrswin.vim> for <mswin.vim>; <mrswin.vim> saves the settings and mappings extant prior to doing the <mswin.vim> settings and mappings.  Consequently, if you have <mswin.vim> sourced first, then its settings and mappings are what will be restored (ie., you won't be able to toggle because both sets of settings and mappings will be the same).
install details
Change the name of

Put <mrswin.vim> wherever and have

   so ...wherever/mrswin.vim

in your <_vimrc> file.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
mrswin.vim.bz2 4 2004-07-27 6.0 Charles Campbell bugfix: inadvertently left debugging enabled -- now fixed!
mrswin.vim.bz2 3 2004-07-16 6.0 Charles Campbell MrsWin now checks for a running gui vs simply having gui capability in deciding to map meta-<space> like mswin.vim does.
MrsWin updated to be based upon v6.3's mswin
Folding and debugging commands were added
mrswin.vim 1 2002-12-17 6.0 Charles Campbell Initial upload
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