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ctrlsf.vim : an ack/ag powered global code search and view tool

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Ye Ding
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An ack/ag powered code search and view tool, like ack.vim or `:vimgrep` but together with more context, and let you edit in-place with powerful edit mode.

Project repository: https://github.com/dyng/ctrlsf.vim

(Please view above github link for comprehensive demo.)


* Search and display result in a user friendly view with customizable context.
* Edit mode which is incredible useful when you are doing refactoring. (Inspired by vim-ags)
* Preview mode for fast exploring.
* Various options for more detailed search, view and edit.
install details
1. Good old way:

Extract the archive to ~/.vim on Linux/MacOSX or $HOME\vimfiles on Windows.
Run :helptags  ~/.vim/doc or :helptags $HOME\vimfiles\doc

2. Modern way:

Use package manager like pathogen, vundle or neobundle.

Take vundle for example:

    Bundle 'dyng/ctrlsf.vim'

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Click on the package to download.

package script version date Vim version user release notes
ctrlsf.tar.gz 1.40 2015-11-20 7.3 Ye Ding Change Log:
- Add '-filematch' option that a user can specify pattern against name of files should be searched.

- Fix bug with Ack2 in searching explicitly specified single file.
- Fix bug of '~', '$HOME' being passed not expanded.
- Fix bug that space is not escaped in completion function.
ctrlsf.tar.gz 1.30 2015-09-19 7.3 Ye Ding Change Log:
- Add feature of populating quickfix with search result
- Improve format of error message
- Fix issue with Ag's bug
- Fix issue that '\b' is not well supported
- Fix missing of syntax highlighting
ctrlsf.tar.gz 1.20 2015-09-19 7.3 Ye Ding Changelog:

* Add key mapping for manually opening file in a split window.
* Come to consume '--nogroup' format result.
* Fix bug in saving dos-format files.
* Debug mode improvement.
* Multiple key binding.
ctrlsf.tar.gz 1.10 2015-06-28 7.3 Ye Ding Changelog:
* Wrap around in navigation of matches
* Open file in place if 'hidden' is set
* Change success message after saving

* Improve compatibility with NERDTree
* Fix document
ctrlsf.tar.gz 1.00 2015-05-31 7.3 Ye Ding Initial upload
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