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cpp_doxygen : Add Doxygen templates and fold Doxygen comments.

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This plugin lets you add a Doxygen comment template with a couple of key strokes. Just position your cursor on the first line of a file, namespace, class, struct, or function; then press <Leader>d. The plugin will deduce what is being commented and insert a Doxygen comment above it, ready for you to fill in. The plugin can deduce template parameters, function parameters, and return types.

The plugin also provides a function you can use to generate fold text for a Javadoc or Qt style Doxygen comment. If you call this function from your own fold text function, Doxygen comments fold up to to the brief description inside comment tokens:
    /** This a brief description. */
    /*! This is a brief description. */

For complete details, install the plugin and run :help cpp_doxygen.

For feature requests or bugs, please create an issue at https://github.com/brobeson/Tools/.

I've tested this with Vim 7.4 on Linux (Kubuntu 15.04). Other platforms and versions of Vim should work.
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Download the vimball and open it in Vim. Then run
:source %

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
cpp_doxygen.vmb 1.2 2015-06-09 7.4 Brendan With version 1.1, old configuration variable names were reintroduced. If you have a configuration variable 'g:cpp_doxygen_block_style', it should be changed to 'g:cpp_doxygen_style'. The possible values are the same.
cpp_doxygen.vmb 1.1 2015-06-09 7.4 Brendan I fixed a bug related to documenting function parameters. If a default value was specified in C++ function declaration, the Vim function to generate the documentation would get the parameter name wrong.
cpp_doxygen.vmb 1 2015-06-04 7.4 Brendan Initial upload
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