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cppcomplete : C/C++ and Java code completion

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created by
Peter Puck
script type
This plugin helps you complete things like:
from the members of the struct/class/union that starts with abc.
If you just type abc will the script complete it with the names that
starts with abc and ignore any current scope.

The default key mapping to complete the code are:
Alt+l in insert mode will try to find the possible completions and display
them in a popup menu. Also normal completions to the names in
Alt+j in insert mode will show the popup menu with the last results.
Selecting one of the  items will paste the text.
F8/F9 will work in a similar way as Ctrl+N, Ctrl+P in unextended vim so the
script can be used without the popup menu.
F5 in insert mode will lookup the class and display it in a preview window
The key mapping are only tested under Windows and linux and they will not
work on all platforms. Changing the mappings is easy.

The plugin is depending on that exuberant ctags has generated a tags file
called cppcomplete.tags with the same options as in the following example:
ctags -n -f cppcomplete.tags --fields=+ai --C++-types=+p *
The script has a command called GenerateTags that executes the above ctags
command. The tag file cppcomplete.tags is local to the script so you can
use other tag files without affecting cppcomplete.
Java users do not need the --C++-types flag.

For C/C++ can the script generate the cppcomplete.tags from the included
files for you. This is based on vims checkpath function. The path must be
set correct, see the vim documentation.

This script do not requires grep anymore but it is supported. If the option
is set to build an internal list with derived classes and the first
completion takes a very long time may grep speed things up.
For Windows does the DJGPP  port of grep works.
You only need grep.exe from the grep'version'b.zip file.
A good place for grep.exe could be the compilers bin directory.
The zip file is in the v2gnu directory, it can be downloaded from here:

It is possible to define a set of lines from cppcomplete.tags with regular
expressions. I call the set for a block. The functions for this:
BuildBlockFromRegexp the command to build the block, see below.
NextInBlock jump to the line described in the block, can be called by Shift+F8
PrevInBlock same as the above but in the other direction, use Shift+F9
EchoBlock shows the block itself
BuildMenuFromBlock builds a menu in GUI mode from the block
The jumps are done with an internal function so the tag stack will not be

Some simple examples there > is the prompt:
Gives a block with all members that has a scope of a class beginning with l
all structures beginning with an a
Everything that starts with a,b or c
The full vim history mechanism can be used.

The script has a number of variables that can be set from the menu in the
GUI or wildmenu versions. They are at the top of the script file with descriptions if
you want to change them more permanent.

For Java do you probably want to generate a cppcomplete.tags file from the
sources of the Java SDK. The use is like with C/C++ but you will get a
better result if you change some of the configuration variables.
The default access is treated as if it was public.

If you are new to vim and have not heard about ctags, regexp, grep are they
all described in the online documentation. Just type :help followed by the word you
want more information about. They are excellent tools that can be used for
many things.

This plugin does not really understand any C/C++ code, it is not a real parser.
It works surprisingly well but can of course give a surprising result. :)
The current scope is unknown.
Multidimensional arrays should not have a space between ][, e.g.
xyz[1][2].abc should be OK but not xyz[1] [2].abc
The script does not accept functions, e.g. xyc()->abc will not be completed or rather
it will be completed but from all names beginning with abc.
(GTK) If the mouse leaves and then reenters the popup menu is the text cursor affected.
(GTK) The popup is displayed at the mouse position and not the text cursor position.
For internal use is register c used.
Requires exuberant ctags.
The only tested platforms for the popup menu are GTK (linux) and Windows.
+ probably a lot of other issues

Anyway, I have done some testing with MFC, DX9 framework (not COM), Java SDK, STL with
good results.
install details
I put it in .vim/plugin for automatic loading.
Exuberant ctags is also needed.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
cppcomplete.vim 6.1 2003-03-18 6.0 Peter Puck The script should not affect the search history anymore. Hopefully is it also not so easy fooled by assignments after a } on the line above. Thanks to Colin Dearing and Peter Bengtsson for pointing out the problems.
cppcomplete.vim 6.0 2003-03-07 6.0 Peter Puck Mostly bug fixes and an attempt to improve performance. Also some other news such as better support for console users with wildmenu.
Many thanks to Colin Dearing for bug hunting and his work to improve the script  for console users.
cppcomplete.vim 5.5 2003-02-18 6.0 Peter Puck Automatic generation of the browser file for C/C++. The script does not requires grep anymore. Completion of all names in the browser file. Nanny mode for extra help.
Some bug fixes.
cppcomplete.vim 5.01 2003-02-08 6.0 Peter Puck Discovered some stupid bugs in the linux version. One other bug with templates is also fixed.
cppcomplete.vim 5.0 2003-02-08 6.0 Peter Puck Works under Windows again also if the shell is command.com with grep from DJGPP.  Java support. Various bugfixes and some other news.
cppcomplete.vim 4.0 2003-01-28 6.0 Peter Puck Added GUI stuff such as a popup menu and the script is also depending on gnu grep now. It will not work with windows command.com because long command lines must be supported.
Various bugfixes and some other new stuff.
cppcomplete.vim 3.0 2003-01-20 6.0 Peter Puck Support for inheritance and various bug fixes.
cppcomplete.vim 2.0 2003-01-14 6.0 Peter Puck Added a new command to reuse last search pattern
Changed so that only the preview window will be closed on abort or error
Now completes directly if only one match
cppcomplete.vim 1.0 2003-01-13 6.0 Peter Puck Initial upload
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