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ESI VPS FEA-Solver Syntax Highlighting : Syntax Highlighting for ESI VPS (Pam-Crash) FEA-Solver

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created by
Roman Firt
script type
   * VPS 2022 Syntax Highlighting
   * Supports light and dark background
   * Macros for Card Templates (type :help pam for a complete list)
   * Interactive hints for fixed format in Status Bar
   * Omni-Completion for Parameters (look for "(menu)" in Status Bar, then press Tab in a command mode ;-)
   * Tags Support for Entity IDs (press F12 to create/update the tagfile, then look for "(tag)" in Status Bar)
   * Omni-Completion for Entity Selection (when tagfile exists (F12))
   * Expression-based Folding (activate with :se fdm=expr)
   * Development tracked in https://github.com/jazzman007/pamcrash_vim_syntax
install details
Just untar in ~/.vim and enjoy!

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
pamcrash_vim_syntax_120.tar.bz2 12.0 2023-12-22 8.1 Roman Firt VPS 2022 Syntax Implemented
Release dedicated to Bram (1961-2023)
pamcrash_vim_syntax_110.tgz 11.0 2021-12-24 8.1 Roman Firt VPS 2021 Syntax Implemented
pamcrash_vim_syntax_101.tgz 10.1 2021-04-12 8.1 Roman Firt 2020.5 new Modular Material Syntax implemented (experimental, feedback appreciated)
Minor Bugfixes
pamcrash_vim_syntax_100.tgz 10.0 2021-02-17 8.1 Roman Firt VPS 2020 Syntax Implemented
Moved from syntax-based to expression-based folding - MASSIVE speedup!!!, finally usable on big decks - activate by typing :se fdm=expr or put it in your .vimrc
Released under WTFPL
pamcrash_vim_syntax_90.tgz 9.0 2021-02-04 7.2 Roman Firt VPS 2019 Syntax Implemented
pamcrash_vim_syntax_80.tgz 8.0 2021-01-17 7.2 Roman Firt VPS 2018 Syntax Implemented
pamcrash_vim_syntax_73.tgz 7.3 2018-01-10 7.2 Roman Firt tiny PREFILTER TYPE bugfix
pamcrash_vim_syntax_72.tgz 7.2 2017-11-29 7.2 Roman Firt minor PICIMP Syntax Bugfix
pamcrash_vim_syntax_71.tgz 7.1 2017-08-28 7.2 Roman Firt VPS 2017 Syntax Implemented
Solver Defaults in Omni-Completion showed (where documented)
Several minor Improvements and Bugfixes
pamcrash_syntax_60.tgz 6.0 2017-02-16 7.2 Roman Firt VPS 2016 Syntax Implemented
Several minor Improvements and Bugfixes
pamcrash_syntax_50.tgz 5.0 2016-03-05 7.2 Roman Firt VPS 2015 Syntax Implemented
Several minor Improvements and Bugfixes
pamcrash_syntax_41.tgz 4.1 2015-12-13 7.2 Roman Firt Initial upload
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