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git-switcher.vim : Automatically save and load vim session based on switching of git branch.

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Toru Iwashita
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git-switcher provide the save and load of the session based on switching of git branch. This plugin can be used for session management even if it is outside of git directory.

Homepage: https://github.com/ToruIwashita/git-switcher.vim
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package script version date Vim version user release notes
git-switcher.vim-1.9.0.zip 1.9.0 2018-06-14 8.0 Toru Iwashita Add feature to save NERDTree state to a session.
git-switcher.vim-1.8.0.zip 1.8.0 2018-01-22 8.0 Toru Iwashita Add command to remove all merged branches of local repository.
git-switcher.vim-1.7.0.zip 1.7.0 2017-12-27 8.0 Toru Iwashita Add feature to perform git pull and git fetch asynchronously.
git-switcher.vim-1.6.2.zip 1.6.2 2017-11-30 8.0 Toru Iwashita Make checktime with silent!
git-switcher.vim-1.6.1.zip 1.6.1 2017-10-17 8.0 Toru Iwashita Fix bug that unnecessary message is displayed.
git-switcher.vim-1.6.0.zip 1.6.0 2017-10-10 8.0 Toru Iwashita Windows support
git-switcher.vim-1.5.1.zip 1.5.1 2017-09-15 8.0 Toru Iwashita Add GswRemove command to delete specified branch.
git-switcher.vim-1.4.7.zip 1.4.7 2017-08-30 8.0 Toru Iwashita Fix GswPrev command
git-switcher.vim-1.4.6.zip 1.4.6 2017-07-28 8.0 Toru Iwashita Add gsw_load_session_confirm option
git-switcher.vim-1.4.5.zip 1.4.5 2017-07-12 8.0 Toru Iwashita Fix confirmation comment for GswRemote command.
git-switcher.vim-1.4.3.zip 1.4.3 2017-05-16 8.0 Toru Iwashita Make slash available for a session name.
git-switcher.vim-1.4.2.zip 1.4.2 2017-04-18 8.0 Toru Iwashita Add gsw_switch_prev_confirm option
git-switcher.vim-1.4.1.zip 1.4.1 2017-03-31 8.0 Toru Iwashita Update document.
git-switcher.vim-1.4.0.zip 1.4.0 2017-03-30 8.0 Toru Iwashita Add feature to switch to the previous branch
git-switcher.vim-1.3.0.zip 1.3.0 2016-10-18 8.0 Toru Iwashita Add GswMove command that move(rename) the current working branch.
git-switcher.vim-1.2.0.zip 1.2.0 2016-10-12 8.0 Toru Iwashita Add checktime at the time of no session load switching.
git-switcher.vim-1.1.0.zip 1.1.0 2016-09-12 7.4 Toru Iwashita Add gsw_save_session_confirm option. It is setting of whether or not to confirm the save of the session when the Gsw command is executed.
git-switcher.vim-1.0.1.zip 1.0.1 2016-09-09 7.4 Toru Iwashita Initial upload
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