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pace.vim : Measure the pace of typing (in Insert mode &c.)

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created by
Aliaksei Budavei
script type
The "pace.vim" script offers a means to measure
the pace of typing (in Insert, Replace, & Virtual
Replace modes) in a cumulative, buffer-total, and
instance manner (dumpable on demand).  It provides
a tunable policy tool to inhibit any mode tracing
and to control borderline cases (Ctrl-c exiting,
null input).  All data collected in a particular
session may be carried over and re-used.

The bundled "demo.vim" script parades a sample of
the "pace.vim" script in mock-action with a touch
of rhyming.
install details
Extract the files from "pace-?.?.zip" into
a writable user's vim directory.

List all doc/ locations:
:echo finddir('doc', &runtimepath, -1)

Generate the help tags:
:helptags doc/

Read the documentation:
:help pace.txt

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
pace-1.2.zip 1.2 2017-05-14 7.0 Aliaksei Budavei demo.vim:
The demo buffers allow to re-run a preview.

The initial value of `g:pace_info' now observes
the amassing `g:pace_policy'.

The sequence of leave-enter mode routines is
arranged for `InsertChange'.

`PaceSum' keeps up-to-date its rejects sum.

The mode check is omitted on `InsertLeave'.
pace-1.1.zip 1.1 2016-12-26 7.0 Aliaksei Budavei pace.txt:
The 'laststatus' option is set to 1, if 0 (the
documentation is made to agree with the script).

The `g:pace_policy' variable allows a new value
(2000) to amass buffer typing.

The script-defined commands are supplied with the
`-bar' attribute.
pace-1.0.zip 1.0 2016-10-26 7.0 Aliaksei Budavei Initial upload
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