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vim-makejob : Minimal, asynchronous quickfix commands for Vim 8.0

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Daniel Moch
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This is a plugin for folks who think that Vim's quickfix feature is great, but who don't like how calls to :make and :grep freeze the editor. MakeJob implements asynchronous versions of the builtin commands in just over 150 lines of Vimscript.

More details: https://git.danielmoch.com/vim-makejob/file/README.md.html
install details
Unassisted: Extract in ~/.vim

Pathogen: Extract in ~/.vim/bundle, or wherever you host your Pathogen-managed plugins

Plug.vim: Plug 'git://git.danielmoch.com/vim-makejob.git'

(For Windows, change ~/.vim to ~\vimfiles).

Arch Linux users can install system-wide by using the vim-makejob package in the AUR.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-makejob.zip 1.3.1 2018-12-20 8.0 Daniel Moch Minor bug fixes
vim-makejob.zip 1.3.0 2017-12-22 8.0 Daniel Moch Added method to cancel a running job (see vimdoc).

Various bug fixes and enhancements.
vim-makejob.zip 1.2 2017-04-02 8.0 Daniel Moch Add a global option to hide the preview window during execution
vim-makejob.zip 1.1.2 2017-02-07 8.0 Daniel Moch Bug fixes and enhancements:
1. Properly handle escaped special characters in makeprg and grepprg.
2. Follow best practices for plugin loading
vim-makejob.zip 1.1.1 2016-12-10 8.0 Daniel Moch Proper expansion of special characters in makeprg and grepprg
vim-makejob.zip 1.1 2016-11-24 8.0 Daniel Moch Add support for GrepJob and friends
vim-makejob.zip 1.0.1 2016-11-19 8.0 Daniel Moch Bug fixes:
1. Use 'echomsg' instead of 'echo' for warning message
2. Handle 'stderr' in addition to 'stdout'
vim-makejob.zip 1.0 2016-11-12 8.0 Daniel Moch Version 1.0 release!
MakeJob now opens a buffer to display job output, approximating the behavior of :make without interrupting your workflow.
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