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ViewMaps : Lightweight plugin for viewing mappings from vimrc

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Robert Sarkozi
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You can use this plugin to populate a list of your vimrc mappings in the QuickFix window. The mappings can be retrieved by VIm mode types (like normal, insert, visual, select and operator-pending mode).

The :map command displays all availabe and loaded mappings in VIm and that list contains too much to process just by looking at it. This plugin helps you view only the ones defined by you with comments related to them.

Mappings can be many, this is why filtering is possible for different modes. By populating the QuickFix window you can quickly jump to the vimrc file on the exact line where the mappings are defined. Comments are also displayed: currently it only displays one line comments from the line right above the mappings or comments at the end of the mapping line, starting with the last available " character to the end of the line.

Get the plugin from here on Github: https://github.com/robcsi/viewmaps.vim.git

You can use Pathogen to include it into your plugin bundle.

Other features include:

    The plugin tries to detect rc files that are sourced in your main vimrc. Only lines starting with 'source' are parsed and mappings loaded from those files, too

    Mappings can be displayed in the Quickfix window or an echoed list, like the 'map' command does, just for quick reference. The display formatting is different in this case, compared to the QuickFix format

    In the Quickfix window (leveraging its functionality) you can press and go to the selected line in the main or sourced vimrc file. There you can edit the mapping or its comment as desired and maybe reload the list of mappings into the QuickFix window

    There is an option for configuring the position of the QuickFix window, g:viewmaps_quickfix_orientation (horizontal or vertical)

    There is an option for configuring the width or height of the Quickfix window depending on what its position is: g:viewmaps_quickfix_dimension

    The plugin leverages the functionality of the QuickFix window by using jumping to lines in the rc files, also leverages the [q and ]q et.al. keyboard shortcuts defined by the vim-unimpaired plugin

For more information read the help file. :h viewmaps
install details
Clone the plugin from Github and install with Pathogen: https://github.com/robcsi/viewmaps.vim.git

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