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greek_mac.vim : Vim keymap to write traditional (“polytonic”) Greek in the Mac OS way.

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created by
Christos Chryssochoidis
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Vim keymap that enables one to write traditional (“polytonic”) Greek.

The keymap is based on the corresponding Mac OS keyboard layout for polytonic Greek.
All diacritics except the “breve below” are typed before the corresponding letter.
In case of two diacritics the order is not important.
The code is also available at "https://github.com/christosc/greek_mac"; .

acute         ;
grave         ]
circumflex  [

Smooth breathing
smooth         '
+ acute        /
+ grave        =
+ circumflex  -

Rough breathing
rough          "
+ acute        ?
+ grave        +
+ circumflex  _

Iota subscript
iota subscript                      {
+ acute                              ; {
+ grave                              ] {
+ smooth                           ' {
+ smooth and acute          / {
+ smooth and grave         = {
+ smooth and circumflex  - {
+ rough                            " {
+ rough and acute           ? {
+ rough and grave           + {
+ rough and circumflex    _ {

diaeresis  :
+ acute    :;
+ grave    :]

Breve Below
breve below   \u  
ε̮                     e\u  
ι̮                      i\u  
tilde below      ~
ι̰                      i~

Middle dot (“ano teleia”)   ; . or W
Apostrophe                      '
Left quote                        <<
Right quote                      >>
en dash                            --
em dash                           ---

Euro sign                      E$
Numerical Sign             ;#
Lower numerical sign   ;##
Stigma (Ϛ)                    #ST
Small stigma (ϛ)           #st
Koppa (Ϟ)                     #Q
Small koppa (ϟ)            #q
Sampi (Ϡ)                     #SP
Small sampi (ϡ)            #sp
Digamma (Ϝ)                #G
Kai ligature (ϗ)             &&
Theta symbol (ϑ)         ;u
Kappa symbol (ϰ)        ;k
Beta symbol (ϐ)           ;b
Epsilon symbol (ϵ)       !e
Phi symbol (ϕ)             ;f
Pi symbol (ϖ)              ;p
Rho symbol (ϱ)            ;r

You can find more keyboard shortcuts by looking at the code of the keymap.
install details
Copy the file greek_mac.vim to your home .vim  keymap directory
  (~/.vim/keymap/). If the directory does not exist, create it.

Add to .vimrc the following:

set keymap=greek_mac
set iminsert=0
set imsearch=-1

Set your terminal or gvim to use a font that includes the “extended” Greek characters and symbols.
Examples of suitable fonts include the following:

Dejavu Sans mono

You can change keyboard with Ctrl-^ in insert and command-line modes.

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greek_mac.vim 1.0.5 2017-04-17 7.0 Christos Chryssochoidis Add shortcut for tilde below, and change the one for breve below.
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