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auto_update_cscope_ctags_database : 1:auto update cscope ctags database2:easy create database 3: auto plugn database

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Hidin zhang
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github link :    https://github.com/haolongzhangm/auto_update_cscope_ctags_database
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package script version date Vim version user release notes
auto_update_cscope_ctags_database.tar.gz a.0 2019-11-12 8.0 Hidin zhang 1:fix issue
2:add more file type
auto_update_cscope_ctags_database.tar.gz v5 2018-09-27 7.0 Hidin zhang V5 release
auto_update_cscope_ctags_database.tar.gz v4.0.1 2018-05-03 7.0 Hidin zhang commit 2923a91f76d85244476b8e22564c0b0ce1cca0ee
Author: haolong.zhang <haolong.zhang@ck-telecom.com>
Date:   Wed May 2 10:19:46 2018 +0800

    support MAC OS support
    v4.0.1 release

commit 18b7049fd5c2b15cca3c75b54eac6fddd644f0ef
Author: haolong.zhang <haolong.zhang@ck-telecom.com>
Date:   Fri Apr 20 14:49:03 2018 +0800

    Add support .cmake file

commit b357fe856099ed4a855950553e6ff1b81e56c191
Author: haolong.zhang <haolong.zhang@ck-telecom.com>
Date:   Mon Apr 2 18:02:47 2018 +0800

        compat vim with python3, or vim support
        both python2 and python3

commit f0350d88d9ce23113cc65eb27b9a6763c2d11403
Author: haolong.zhang <haolong.zhang@ck-telecom.com>
Date:   Sat Feb 24 17:09:36 2018 +0800

    support cl file

auto_update_cscope_ctags_database.tar.gz v3.0.2 2017-08-22 7.0 Hidin zhang     optimize support python API logic
    U may choose support python API or not
    when create 'not_kernel' project:
        A not_kernel project will create
                Support soft link file or not? (while add -L to find commmand)
                Yes: please input 'yes' to support soft link file, default 'NO'>>>
                Customization disable soft link file
                Support python API or not? only take effect when project have python file
                (if U care about python lib API, U may input yes)
                Yes: please input 'yes' to support pythonlib API, default 'NO'>>>

    Fix Issue(Fuc imp)
        do not call remove cscope database when leave from *.py
        caused by python lib API dir do not include a database
        when into python Lib dir ,we want to use old database
        will cause new 'issue' TODO:
            when in python project, while do not support
            diff project databse swith
        if U do not want to support python lib use old databse
        U can remove 'au BufNewFile,BufEnter *.py let g:python_file=1'
        from autoload_cscope_ctags.vim file
auto_update_cscope_ctags_database.tar.gz v2.0.6 2017-07-24 7.0 Hidin zhang v2.0.6: 20170724 type file issue fix, care_file_type * include
auto_update_cscope_ctags_database.tar.gz 1.0.1 2017-05-12 7.0 Hidin zhang fix v1.0 issue
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