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tiny-todo : A simple todo list.

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A simple todo-list with a possibility for time tracking.


The script registers the filetype tiny-todo associated with files with the
postfix todo. An example of a todo file:

* Project 1

- task 1

* Project 2

- task 2

* Archive

- completed task
+active 20161207133819
+inactive 20161207133824
+completed 20161207133825 (Project 2)

Lines beginning with a star indicate the name of the project. Inside each project,
add new tasks with french lines. It is recommended that you add an archive
as the last project because completed tasks are moved to the end of the file.

The following functions are provided in the filetype plugin:

g:TTodoStartWorking     -  Mark a task as active
g:TTodoStopWorking     -  Mark a task as inactive
g:TTodoCompleteTask   -  Mark a task as completed (moves the task to the end of the file)
g:TTodoAddAnnotation  -  Add extra information to the task. This may be useful for adding additional
                                          timestamped information for an external parser/analyzer of your tasks.

An example configuration in .vimrc:

autocmd Filetype tiny-todo nnore <leader>tta :call g:TTodoStartWorking()<cr>
autocmd Filetype tiny-todo nnore <leader>tti :call g:TTodoStopWorking()<cr>
autocmd Filetype tiny-todo nnore <leader>ttc :call g:TTodoCompleteTask()<cr>

In order to keep track of time spent, you may write a script to parse the archived tasks.
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