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place.vim : Enter characters without moving

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created by
Joe Reynolds
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# place.vim

place.vim allows you to add insertions to your text without moving your cursor.
If you suffer from the following problems, this plugin might be for you:

- Forgotten to add a ';' at the end of a line.
- Forgotten var, let, $ or any other variant at the beginning of a line.
- Wanted to insert some text without having to enter insert mode, move to the place, leave insert mode, and go back


## Mapping

Add a mapping of your choice to get place.vim working for you.


nmap ga <Plug>(place-insert)

## Examples

(Examples are using `ga` as the prefix key but it can be anything you want)

place.vim works in the 'vim' way. Here are a few examples of what it does

`|` denotes cursor position

### #1
function(na|me, $age)
Results in
function($name, $age)

### #2
$thi|s->doSomeStuff = 5
Results in
$this->doSomeStuff = 5;

### #3

It also supports multiple line motions
really long
Results in
really long

### #4

A more complex motion (t)
T|his is Y sentence
Results in
This is MY sentence

## FAQ

> I want to enter 'var' or 'let' like you said I could in the README!

Sure thing, there's a separate mapping `<Plug>(place-insert-multiple)` to map to.
Read the docs.

Either that or you can enable it globally:

`let g:place_single_character_mode = 0`

Now, when you finish your motion, an input box will appear with what you want to insert.
This is turned off by default because I imagine the majority of people want to insert small things like $ or ;.
install details
Using vim-plug you can do the following

Plug 'joereynolds/place.vim'

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
place.vim 0.2 2017-12-25 7.4 Joe Reynolds Features

- Remove default mapping of ga and expose <Plug> mapping instead
- Expose <Plug> mapping to insert multiple characters
- Blink on insertion for visual feedback
- Add support for the following motions:
    - gg
    - F
    - T
    - f
    - {
    - }
- Make plugin repeatable with . command if repeat.vim is installed
- Don't jump the cursor on undo of insertion made by place.vim

place.vim.zip 0.1 2017-12-22 7.0 Joe Reynolds Initial upload
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