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pike.vim : New and improved Pike syntax colouring

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created by
Stephen R. van den Berg
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This Pike syntax colouring definition supersedes any older ones.
It contains support for embedded SQL and embedded Autodoc.

This version started with the C syntax file, fixes several bugs in that file, speeds it up, and adds Pike syntax recognition (including parens for arrays, multisets and mappings), including mismatched paren highlights for all of the above.
It also supports cycling through preprocessor if/else/elif/endif chains.

It's up-to-date for Pike 8.1
install details
It needs autodoc.vim (vimscript #5641) too (or comment out the include).
It's probably simplest to just put this file in your ~/.vim dir, which (by default) is at the top of your runtimepath.
The file references sqloracle.vim (vimscript #2371) and the matchit (vimscript #39) package; both should be available and included already in standard Vim 8.0+ installs.
On my system I install both pike.vim and autodoc.vim in /usr/share/vim/vim80/syntax.
If you don't have sqloracle.vim or matchit, simply comment out the two corresponding lines in pike.vim referencing those (if you do, you lose embedded SQL highlighting and if/then/else/elif/endif cycling; the rest will work fine).

To edit Cmod files, you can use cmod.vim (vimscript #5645).

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
pike.vim 2.3 2018-01-18 7.0 Stephen R. van den Berg Avoid triggering embedded autodoc on every exclamation mark.
pike.vim 2.2.1 2018-01-18 7.0 Stephen R. van den Berg Cosmetic change, allowing easier reuse of the syntax file.
pike.vim 2.2 2018-01-16 7.0 Stephen R. van den Berg Improved preprocessor directives colouring.
pike.vim 2.1 2018-01-15 7.0 Stephen R. van den Berg Initial upload
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