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copy paste finder : utility for viewing copied-pasted code side-by-side

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skycolor radialsum
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Copy/Paste Finder (CPF) makes PMD/CPD's or Sloppy's output easier to navigate.
CPF shows detected copied/pasted regions in vertical splits and highlights
the found regions.

Homepage for development:


CPF depends on PMD or Sloppy software and needs Vim's quickfix feature.

PMD's Copy/Paste Detector (CPD) finds duplicated code.
PMD is an extensible cross-language static code analyzer.
PMD is an open source project.

see https://pmd.github.io/ to download it and for more info.

Sloppy scans all source code in a directory and generates a report on how
'sloppy' the code is... sloppiness being a measurement of a repetitive code
style: under abstraction (copy / pasting) and over abstraction (pointless

Sloppy is written by Wouter van Oortmerssen.

see http://strlen.com/sloppy/ to download it and for more info.

Tested with Vim version 8.0 on Microsoft Windows; it may work with older vim,
but not fully verified.

see the doc/cpf.txt for usage and installation instructions.


Steps below targets Microsoft Windows. Similar steps can be used with
Linux or Unix* operating systems.

  - ensure java environment or sloppy executable in path
  - Run gvim to open a new gvim window
  - Ensure current working directory is correct in gvim
  - During an editing session:
      :compiler pmdcpd
      :set makeprg=cpd.bat\ --minimum-tokens\ 20\ --language\ cpp\ --files\ .

      :compiler sloppy

can be used with sloppy.

The command CpfNext can be repeated to see more duplicates

With Vim 8.0, if  ':make!'  is called then script automatically reloads the
quickfix list.

With Vim 7.4, automatic reloading of quickfix list is not possible after
':make!'  is called. The workaround is to call the command below to reload:

      :call Cpf_LoadQflist()


  - can only see two windows with a (vertical) split at a time
  - work along with other plugins (e.g. taglist, nerdtree...)
  - support more windows; now only 2 (see wincount)
  - support showing previous duplicate (opposite of Cpf_Next())
  - silent, normal or execute may be redundant in some cases
  - need to skip lines with no code or lines with comment only
  - deciding whether to save buffers before jumping to next section
  - if quickfix windows is visible may need to scroll/redraw
  - may need to check and add ':noautocmd' to wincmd
install details
  * copy pmdcpd.vim to the compiler directory
  * copy sloppy.vim to the compiler directory
  * copy cpf.vim to plugin directory
      i.e. inside $HOME/vimfiles (or runtime directory):
  * ensure java environment or sloppy executable in path
  * ensure cpd (e.g. cpd.bat) is found in the path
  * ensure cpd or sloppy runs correctly

The Sloppy release has sloppy.exe which runs on windows.
However for the original sloppy, a batch file is required.
For example: sloppy.bat
     @echo off
     echo. | sloppy %*
Above batch file helps sloppy to exit---otherwise it waits for
enter key to be pressed.

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cpf-v002.zip 0.0.2 2018-03-14 8.0 skycolor radialsum getqflist() vs Vim version patches
partial support for Vim 7.4
cpf-v001.zip 0.0.1 2018-03-05 8.0 skycolor radialsum Initial upload
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