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j.vim : j syntax

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sm smithfield
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This is easier to demonstrate than to explain.
j.vim will work correctly in all situations, the following demonstration is GUI only.
Do this.
Get voodoochild.vim - a colorscheme, also by this author.
Put voodoochild into .vim/colors (vimfiles/colors on windows)
   :colorscheme voodoochild
on the command line.

Now, you have a linguistic heat map for j.

Heat Map Key:
   red      - delimiter, numeric base, argument within a function.
   orange   - adverb.
   yellow   - verb.
   green    - conjunction.
   dk green - control word.
   sky      - constant.
   indigo   - infinity, alphabet and ace, (all j's nouns)
              start and end of a define clause,
              the _z_ locative.
The color spectrum is a hardwired pattern in the human brain matter.
Yellow is the center of attention, being the brightest.
Orange retreats slightly.
Red retreats further but is still warm.
Green is near yellow, but cool.
Sky is cool and stands apart.
Indigo draws attention to exceptional elements.
Warmth implies action.  Cool implies distance.

Inline functions written as strings are colored as code.
Rank adverb 'captures' and colors the digits that follow it correctly.
Cut variations 'capture' the digits that follow and indicate (the digits as) 'adverb'.
Locatives are colored.
Term output can also be pasted into vim and colored for improved legibility,
specifically, boxes and errors.
install details
To install
Put j.vim into .vim/syntax (vimfiles/syntax on windows)

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