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vim-rzip : Extends stock zip.vim to allow recursively browsing and writing zip files

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Extends stock zipPlugin.vim to allow recursively browsing and writing
zip files.

VimL and system calls only (zip, unzip and copy file).


-   Vim 7.4✝ or  Neovim 0.1.7.

✝ Confirmed working on Vim 7.4-1024 for Windows.

To browse


-   an unzip compatible command.

To write


-   a zip compatible command.


Extra file extensions can be added with g:rzipPlugin_extra_ext. For

    let g:rzipPlugin_extra_ext = '*.odt,*.mfh'
install details
Vim 8.0+ (+packages)

If you’re using Vim 8.0 or greater (if :echo has("packages") returns 1),
you can add vim-rzip as a package.

When you’re done with the following steps make sure to read about
packages: :h packages.

-   If your .vim folder is NOT a git repository:

    $ mkdir -p ~/.vim/pack/bundle/start
    $ cd ~/.vim/pack/bundle/start
    start $ git clone 'https://github.com/lbrayner/vim-rzip'

-   If your .vim folder IS a git repository:

    $ mkdir -p ~/.vim/pack/bundle/start
    $ cd ~/.vim
    .vim $ git submodule add 'https://github.com/lbrayner/vim-rzip' pack/bundle/start/vim-rzip

This will install vim-rzip as a git submodule.

Plugin manager

Either vim-pathogen or Vundle are recommended.

Verifying the installation

When you open a file with any of these extensions (per default) —
.apk, .celzip, .crtx, .docm, .docx, .dotm, .dotx, .ear,
.epub, .gcsx, .glox, .gqsx, .ja, .jar, .kmz, .oxt,
.potm, .potx, .ppam, .ppsm, .ppsx, .pptm, .pptx, .sldx,
.thmx, .vdw, .war, .wsz, .xap, .xlam, .xlam, .xlsb,
.xlsm, .xlsx, .xltm, .xltx, .xpi, .zip — you’ll see the
default zipPlugin.vim message, except that the version, on the first
line, should have a m-rzip suffix (e.g. v27m-rzip).

Simplest method

Just unzip to your .vim folder.

You can unzip anywhere in the RUNTIMEPATH really (as long as it comes before $VIMRUNTIME).

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-rzip.zip 0.1.3 2021-07-22 7.4 LEONARDO Brayner e SILVA Fixes bug in netrw integration when browse windows are closed.
vim-rzip.zip 0.1.2 2021-07-19 7.4 LEONARDO Brayner e SILVA 'bufhidden' set to wipe & fixed a URI related bug

Avoided an error when trying to obtain a buffer variable from the alternate buffer after trying to edit a zipfile: URI directly.
vim-rzip.zip 0.1.1 2020-06-08 7.0 LEONARDO Brayner e SILVA Fixed a unix file name issue: unzip special characters *,? and square brackets (][).
vim-rzip.zip 0.1 2019-01-02 7.0 LEONARDO Brayner e SILVA Initial upload
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